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Brainstorm Comics/Kirk Lindo - 1994

Note:  Originally distributed as a factory set, with plastic boxes marked "__ of 2000 -
Brainstorm Comics - $7.95 USA $9.95 Can."and numbered to 2000.  The top card
is signed by Kirk Lindo.  The eighteen cards feature erotic (but not X-rated) art on
the card fronts and a part of an art puzzle on the card backs.  To distinguish loose
cards, I provide a brief description of the part of the scene or color transition for the
specific puzzle piece. The cards are listed in the order they were found in the box,
with the signed card on the top and the full artwork used for the puzzle on the bottom.

Puzzle location    Puzzle piece

Row 6   Column 1   red - dark green - light green - flesh [signed]
Row 6   Column 2   lower thighs
Row 6   Column 3   Kirk Lindo
Row 5   Column 1   red - blue+green - light green - flesh
Row 5   Column 2   upper thighs
Row 5   Column 3   wyrm, two segments
Row 4   Column 1   blueblack hair
Row 4   Column 2   belly
Row 4   Column 3   wyrm, three segments
Row 3   Column 1   blueblack hair - skull jaw
Row 3   Column 2   elbow and chest
Row 3   Column 3   elbow and wyrm segments
Row 2   Column 1   right ear and skull left eye
Row 2   Column 2   wrist and wyrm nostrils
Row 2   Column 3   wrist and wyrm segments
Row 1   Column 1   face
Row 1   Column 2   fingernails
Row 1   Column 3   fingernails - wyrm head - hair

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