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Visions of Vampirella
Topps - 1995

Notes:  Accompanied by a parallel "gold foil" set, while the common set has
lettering in red foil. Each pack contained either a gold card or a HorrorGlow
card. Two wrapper variations featured bronze color (Vampi facing right) or
purple (Vampi facing left).  Thanks to Steve Lillard for the updates, and large
thanks to Uschi Lohnes for the artists listings!

Box: 24 packs of 11 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.67 per box if collation were perfect.
Parallel gold sets: approximately 1 per 4.1 boxes.

  No.    Title                                    Artist (front)         Artist (back)

    1    Visions of Vampirella [Title Card]       Tony Meers

The Genesis of Vampirella

    2    Vampirella and Forrest J. Ackerman       Ron Miller
    3    The classic first issue                  Frank Frazetta        Frank Frazetta
    4    Poster painting by Gonzalez              José Gonzales         José Gonzales
    5    Sanjulian's famous painting              Sanjulian
    6    Creepy's 50th Anniversary                Sanjulian
    7    Trina Robbins                            Trina Robbins         Tom Sutton
    8    James Warren                             Sanjulian             José Gonzales
    9    Archie Goodwin                           Sanjulian
   10    First cover by Enrich                    Enrich
   11    Another lush image                       Enrich                Mike Royer
   12    Pencil rendition by Gonzalez             José Gonzales
   13    Her bloodlust almost drives her          Enrich                José Gonzales

The Classic Gallery

   14    Castle of The Dreamer                    Enrich
   15    "The Running Red"                        Enrich
   16    Trapped by a murderous mummy             Sanjulian
   17    "The Malignant Morticians"               Enrich                José Gonzales
   18    Drakulon's daughter                      Ken Kelly             José Gonzales
   19    A victim of the past                     Enrich                José Gonzales	
   20    Trapped in a fantastic wonderland        Enrich                José Gonzales
   21    Blood Red Queen of Hearts                Enrich                José Gonzales
   22    Long-dead French Marquis                 Sanjulian             José Gonzales
   23    In the clutches of evil goblins          Enrich                José Gonzales
   24    "Vampirella: Lenore"                     Enrich                José Gonzales
   25    "Starpatch, Quark and Mother Blitz"      Enrich                José Gonzales
   26    "An Eye For An Eye"                      Enrich                José Gonzales
   27    "Vampirella and the Sultana's Revenge"   Enrich                Neal Adams
   28    Chained to a wall                        Rnrich                José Gonzales
   29    King of Draculon                         Enrich                José Gonzales
   30    Vampirella wrestles with Pantha          Enrich                José Gonzales
   31    With the moons of Drakulon behind her    Paul Gulacy
   32    "The Insane Alchemist"                   Enrich                Enrich
   33    Faces mysterious beasts and demons       Enrich                Sanjulian
   34    Upstages the Eiffel Tower                Enrich                Enrich
   35    As deadly as she is beautiful            Enrich                Enrich
   36    Vampi stands tall                        Enrich                Enrich

A Photo Odyssey

   37    puzzle upper left
   38    puzzle upper center
   39    puzzle upper right
   40    puzzle middle right
   41    puzzle middle center
   42    puzzle middle left
   43    puzzle lower left
   44    puzzle lower center
   45    puzzle lower right

Vampirella's Journal

   46    I shut my eyes and the dreams            John Bolton           Ray Lago
   47    Who am I? What am I?                     John Bolton           Ray Lago
   48    These undead creatures have plagued      John Bolton           Ray Lago
   49    The belief in a higher power             John Bolton           Ray Lago
   50    But, there is a darkness                 John Bolton           Ray Lago
   51    At the core of my being I see it         John Bolton           Ray Lago

The Modern Gallery

   52    Vampirella Zero                          Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti/Demetrius
   53    The feral Lord Slash                     Adam Hughes                       Ethan Van Sciver
   54    Who needs sunscreen?                     Hearn Cho/Joe Weems/J.J. Abbott   Chris Berkeley/Joe Weems
   55    Vampirella: Morning in America           Michael Kaluta                    Michael Kaluta
   56    Vampirella vs. the Cult of Chaos         Paul Gulacy                       Michael Kaluta
   57    Vampirella: A Scarlet Thirst             Dave Stevens                      Karl Altstaetter
   58    Vampirella: Transcending Time & Space    Dave Stevens                      Louis Small, Jr.
   59    Confronts a cowering Dracula             Gray Morrow                       Michael Kaluta
   60    Once in a blue moon                      Bo Hampton                        Buzz/Joe Weems
   61    Thumb-sucking back in fashion            Adam Hughes                       Jim Balent
   62    The Dracula War                          Joe Jusko                         Walter McDaniel
   63    Held captive in Dracula's dungeon        Adam Hughes                       Buzz
   64    Catch me if you can!                     Adam Hughes                       Jimmy Palmiotti
   65    Less scary and more friendly             John K. Snyder III                Buzz
   66    Homage to Serperieri                     Caesar                            Karl Altstaetter
   67    Vampirella's Summer Nights               Art Adams                         Louis Small, Jr.
   68    Three visions of Vampirella              Adam Hughes                       Buzz
   69    Vampirella Flip Book                     Jim Balent                        Louis Small, Jr./Jim Balent
   70    First appearance of the "new look"       Brian Stelfreeze                  Caesar/Joe Weems
   71    1993 Harris holiday card                 Buzz                              Buzz
   72    Devilishly macabre                       John K. Snyder III                Kirk Van Wormer
   73    What a splash!                           Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti       John Stinsman/Bobby Rae
   74    Every inch like the Queen of the Night   Dan Brereton                      Dan Brereton
   75    Crosses paths with the Rook              John Estes                        Adam Hughes

New Visions

   76    Thom Ang
   77    Julie Bell
   78    Simon Bisley
   79    Frank Brunner
   80    Fastner & Larson
   81    Hugh Fleming
   82    Scott Hampton
   83    Ray Lago
   84    Joe Linsner
   85    Tony Meers
   86    George Perez
   87    Eric Peterson
   88    Mark Schultz
   89    Boris Vallejo
   90    Dean Williams


HorrorGlow Cards

1 of 6   J. Scott Campbell
2 of 6   Joe Chiodo
3 of 6   Cully Hamner
4 of 6   Jae Lee
5 of 6   Jason Pearson
6 of 6   Jim Valentino

Pinup Gallery Cards (Oversized box-toppers)

1 of 6   Jose Gonzalez
2 of 6   (photo of Vampirella model)
3 of 6   John Bolton
4 of 6   Brian Stelfreeze
5 of 6   Ray Lago
6 of 6   Joe Chiodo

Card Album

  --     Vampirella (Binder)
  91     (Art by Caesar; exclusive binder card)


   0     (Art by Bo Hampton; conventions)
   0     (Art by Caesar; conventions)
   00    (Art by Joe Chiodo; Vengeance of Vampirella comic)
   C1    (Art by Zina Saunders; Combo)
   P1    (Art by Dave Stevens; cello-packed with 7 other promos)
   P2    (photo of Vampirella model; Vengeance of Vampirella comic)
   P3    (Art by Joseph Linsner; cello-packed with 4 other promos)
  ---    (unnumbered panel; inset is P2, external art by Adam Hughes; 5-3/8" x 7-3/8")

©1999-2000, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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