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Vampires Lust - Series 1
   Studio E Cards - 1995

Notes: Photos on card fronts illustrate a story told on card backs. In many cases 
the text is split in mid-sentence; the text listings represent the top line. Photos 
are by Bruce Heinsius. Thanks to Eugene White for the original list! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Studio E website.

Boxed set: numbered to 3500.

 No.   Card Text                          Image

   1   A long time ago a ...              sacrificial victim on a stone altar showing altar support
   2   ... getting close and turning ...  sacrificial victim on a stone altar (closer view of victim)
   3   ... place the newly ...            sacrificed victim
   4   ... would be catastrophe.          sacrificed victim with red fog at base of altar
   5   Selena has waited a very ...       vampiress posed on short columns
   6   Your heart would be ...            vampiress crouched on short column
   7   Even when your neck ...            vampiress attacking victim
   8   ... appearing as the fog or ...    vampiress crouched on floor in fog
   9   After the initial sacrifice ...    vampiress chained to wall
  10   ... she cannot be killed like ...  vampiress crouched on wet floor
  11   ... are well aware of your ...     kneeling vampiress
  12   ... been removed from your ...     vampiress with male victim chained to wall
  13   ... in the chamber near you.       vampiress with male victim chained to wall (2nd pose)
  14   ... about!  She's beautiful..      vampiress in casket (close up)
  15   ... spiders web. She reaches ...   vampiress in casket (full length)
  16   Desire is the most ...             vampiress on throne (full length)
  17   ... knows all the pristine ...     vampiress on throne (close up)
  18   Desire is her game, ...            vampiress on throne (close up)(2nd pose)
  19   Athena is the rough one ...        vampiress chained to wall (different model)
  20   ... nothing more than silly ...    vampiress chained to post
  21   ... upon her dark eyes, one        vampiress chained to post (2nd pose)
  22   Shane is a stripper at a ...       dark haired vampiress attacking victim
  23   Carmella is slender and ...        vampiress reclining on top of casket
  24   ... already a vampire and ...      vampiress reclining on top of casket (2nd pose)


Chase Cards (1:set)

 VLB   The Queen Vampire ...           vampiress lounging in casket (full length)

Signed Cards (1:set)

   9   Tina Jo                         
  10   Tina Jo
  11   Tina Jo
  12   Tina Jo
  13   Tina Jo
  14   Tina Jo
  15   Tina Jo
  16   Desire
  17   Desire
  18   Desire
  19   Athena
  20   Athena
  21   Athena
  22   Shane
 VLB   The Queen Vampire ...


 VL1   (unsigned)
 VL1   (signed and numbered)
  --   Xenia (comic book insert; 1000 signed)
  --   Shane (comic book insert; 1000 signed)
  --   Xenia & Shane (comic book insert; 2500 signed)
  --   (dealer sell sheet; 1500 made)

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