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Vampyres: Predators of Eternity
Illustration Studio - 1995

Notes: Thanks much for the checklist, to Uschi Lohnes, who provides this
commentary: This card set showcases the very best vampire art of Steve Woron, 
Don Paresi and Fred Rawles. The set also includes many new vampire images 
previously unpublished. Offered as a regular set and a signed set (by all the 
artists) in tuck box. Signed set includes a special additional card. Vampire 
prose backs by fantasy poet Laurie M. Woron.

No.  Title                 Artist(s)

01   Vampirella            Steve Woron
02   Vampress              Steve Woron/David Larks
03   She-Vampyre           Fred Rawles/Steve Woron
04   Rendevous in Black    Steve Woron
05   Terminal Rose         Steve Woron
06   Fatal Promises        Steve Woron
07   Deathless             Don Paresi
08   Sisters of Darkness   Don Paresi/Steve Woron
09   Crimson Sated         Don Paresi
10   Cutting Edge          Don Paresi
11   Hearteater            Don Paresi
12   Life Blood            Don Paresi/Steve Woron
13   Repast                Don Paresi
14   Immortal Blood #7     Don Paresi/Steve Woron
15   Vampire's Caress      Fred Rawles
16   Immortal Blood #4     Fred Rawles/Steve Woron
17   Immortal Blood #3     Fred Rawles/Steve Woron
18   Immortal Blood #2     Fred Rawles
19   Immortal Blood #1     Fred Rawles
20   Blood Lair -PT.A      Steve Woron      (right half)

Bonus Signed Card (signed by all artists)

21                         Steve Woron      (left half)

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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