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John Bolton's Vampir Theatre
High Heels Productions - 1995

Notes: The set is foil-etched with one "maxi-sized" card and regular card size for the 
others, and all cards but the promo have a very heavy gloss. The set contains nudity 
(in artwork). The special autographed edition came in a silver-blue cardstock envelope 
with a purple ribbon and a red wax seal, numbered to 662 copies. Thanks to John 
Oder for the list!

No.   Card-Back Text

  1   As the sun descends beyond the trees ...
  2   Come, seek the demon inside yourself.
  3   I am here. innocent no longer, ...
  4   Here she lies, pale, dying, ...
  5   There are more of us than you think, ...
  6   Come, one and all to the Vampir Theatre.
  7   He sings tales of life;
  8   Tortured, my life, and tormented.
  9   What I am is what you are.
 10   In stone forever lie the woman and the man.
 11   She came to me to offer new life, ...
 12   He  is whole now, the Vampir; ...
 13   John Bolton is a highly skilled and frighteningly ... (maxi-sized)

 --   John Bolton and Faye Perozich (header card; if signed, # to 662)
 --   Worlds of Colour at the Fisherton Mills Gallery
 --   Win (Contest form to win one of six uncut sheets signed by John Bolton; paper)


Vampir Theatre             Woman holding hands up in fear (2-1/2" x 3-1/2"; marked "1 of 33,500")
Vampir Theatre             Lestat in overcoat (2-1/2" x 7"; marked "1 of 3,500")

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