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Mamie Van Doren
Kitchen Sink - 1993

Notes: Distributed as a boxed factory set, cards measured 3-3/4" x 2-3/4".
Thanks much to Todd Jordan for the update!

No.   Card Text

  1   In 1953, a young actress named Joan Olander si
  2   Before U-I, Joan Olander appeared briefly in R
  3   The All American was a hit, and so was Mamie V
  4   Mamie next starred with Donald O'Connor (pictu
  5   After Francis Joins the WACs, Mamie tested for
  6   Third Girl From the Right was released in 1955
  7   Mamie's next U-I picture was The Second Greate
  8   Mamie's next film was U-I's Running Wild, the
  9   As a fast-living girlfriend of young gang lead
 10   After one more film for U-I, the western Star 
 11   In Untamed Youth, Mamie and Lori Nelson are si
 12   Mamie aficionados also treasure Untamed Youth
 13   Here's Mamie entertaining her work-farm pals i
 14   Although Untamed Youth was, Mamie notes, conde
 15   Mamie's next picture was the big-budget Teache
 16   Following the rodeo melodrama Born Reckless (W
 17   Mamie played Russ Tamblyn's "aunt," with whom
 18   Bewcause of its wild blend of dope, sex, jive
 19   While High School Confidential may not be high
 20   In 1959, United Artists released Guns, Girls a
 21   Mamie's other 1959 films include Zugsmith's be
 22   The last of Mamie's six 1959 features was Girl
 23   Here's another scene shot for Girls town, but
 24   Even sans the shower scene, Girls Town was ano
 25   Zugsmith himself directed her next picture, Se
 26   Although Sex Kittens was released by Allied Ar
 27   The Sex Kittens sessions yielded a number of o
 28   Another Sex Kittens star was Conway Twitty (se
 29   Zugsmith, Mamie, Milner, and Tuesday Weld team
 30   According to Mamie, the folks from the Product
 31   In addition to starring in Adam and Eve, Roone
 32   Albert Zugsmith wasted no time producing and d
 33   After a few weeks in Argentina, where she made
 34   Other films followed, including the German pic
 35   Two of the all-time great cinema blondes, Mami
 36   In the '90s, Mamie Van Doren remains the epito


Autographed Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --   (36-card panel, signed by Mamie)

©2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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