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Van Helsing
   Comic Images - 2004

Notes:  Thanks much to Eric Smoot, LesleyW, and Lucrezia for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.43 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title

  1    "Van Helsing" [Title Card]

The Characters

  2    Van Helsing
  3    Anna Valerious
  4    Count Dracula
  5    Frankenstein's Monster
  6    The Wolf Man
  7    Friar Carl
  8    Igor
  9    Brides of Dracula

The Story

 10    "He's Alive!!!"
 11    In League with Dracula
 12    Storming the Castle
 13    Evil Takes Command
 14    The Burning Windmill
 15    The Valerious Method
 16    Trapping a Werewolf
 17    No Cage Can Hold Him
 18    Hero... Or Mad Killer?
 19    Cornering Mister Hyde
 20    Holy Warrior
 21    Mission: Destroy Dracula!
 22    Armed against Vampires
 23    Welcome to Transylvania
 24    Verona's Victim
 25    Repelling an Invasion
 26    Death of a Vampire
 27    The Dwergi
 28    At Valerious Manor
 29    Man or Wolf Man?
 30    Track of the Beast
 31    Werewolf at Large
 32    Anna's Bold Move
 33    Evil Takes Flight
 34    Confronting The Count
 35    "Save Him! Save the Monster!"
 36    The Diversion
 37    Aleera's Offer
 38    The Masquerade Ball
 39    A Slave to His Will
 40    Kiss of the Vampire
 41    Escaping Vilkova Palace
 42    Igor's Prisoner
 43    Through a Mirror Darkly
 44    On the Other Side
 45    Vqan Helsing's Dark Order
 46    Frankenstein's Fate
 47    The key to Dracula's Scheme
 48    Showdown with Aleera
 49    Female Fury
 50    "Bring Me Life!"
 51    A Modern Prometheus
 52    The Inhuman Dynamo
 53    The Final Showdown
 54    Of Sorrow and Sacrifice


 55    Filming "Van Helsing"
 56    "Setting" Up
 57    A Director's Vision

Fright Gallery

 58    Heaven's Avenger
 59    Good against Evil
 60    The Master's Wings
 61    Hellbeast Horror
 62    Dracula's Alter-Ego
 63    Monarch of the Undead
 64    Brides of Evil
 65    Deadlier than the Male
 66    Hell Hath No Fury
 67    Man-Made Monster
 68    Fury of Frankenstein
 69    Werewolf on the Prowl
 70    Monster by Moonlight
 71    Pygmy Bat Attack

 72    Checklist


Silver Foil Cards (1:15 packs)

 C1    Van Helsing
 C2    Dracula
 C3    Frankenstein's Monster
 C4    WolfMan
 C5    Van Helsing (poster)
 C6    Van Helsing (stake)

MonsterPiece Costume Cards (by redemption)

MP#1   Hugh Jackman: Van Helsing's Brown Jacket
M#P2   Kate Beckinsale:Anna Valerious's Masquerade Ball Red Gown
MP#3   Richard Roxburg: Count Dracula's Masquerade Ball Costume's Cape
MP#4   Hugh Jackman: Van Helsing's Masquerade Ball Costume
 RM    (Redemption Card)

U.K. Case-Purchase Incentive Costume Card

MPUK   Dracula's Brides

Autograph Cards (by redemption)

 SH    Shuler Hensley "Frankenstein"
 HJ    Hugh Jackman "Van Helsing" (limited)
 WK    Will Kemp "Wolfman"
 KO    Kevin O'Connor "Igor"
 RR    Richard Roxburgh "Count Dracula"
 SS    Stephen Sommers "Director"
 RSH   Shuler Hensley "Frankenstein" (redemption card)
 RHJ   Hugh Jackman "Van Helsing" (redemption card)
 RWK   Will Kemp "Wolfman" (redemption card)
 RKO   Kevin O'Connor "Igor" (redemption card)
 RRR   Richard Roxburgh "Count Dracula" (redemption card)
 RSS   Stephen Sommers "Director" (redemption card)

Card Album

 --    (binder)
 --    (6-card uncut sheet; 6 different)
           - (cards 27-18-59-46-64-31)
           - (cards 57- 7-68-29-63- 9)
           - (cards 10-70-34-59-48- 4)
           - (three others)


 P1    (Van Helsing)
 P2    (Van Helsing and Anna Valerious)
 P3    (Frankenstein's Monster)
 --    Available May 2004 (dealer sell sheet)

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