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Veil of Delirium
Kitchen Sink - 1996

Notes: Distributed as a boxed factory set, "36 outrageous paintings by
Todd Schorr, master of the surreal!"  Thanks much to Jan Burns
Cederquist for preparing the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Kneedles 'n Knives
  2   A Date with Mr. Big Bad
  3   Cerotopian Hot Rodder
  4   Of Men and Apes
  5   A Molecular Theory of Evolution
  6   Misinterpreted Hand Gestures
  7   She Worshipped the Sports Idol from Afar
  8   The Knockout Punch
  9   Gone Native with a Vengeance
 10   A Horse Is a Horse
 11   Fishes and Feces
 12   Stitches and Sparks
 13   A Wolfman
 14   Make Mine Mummy
 15   Suckalicious
 16   Jungle Girl
 17   Tar Mouse
 18   The Love of Preserved Skin
 19   The King of Tireville Languishes in His Heapdom
 20   The Pickled Punk Parade
 21   Papa Nebo, the Hermaphrodite Oracle of the Dead
 22   The Diner Scene
 23   The Evolving Man
 24   Bullseye
 25   Romantic Notions of the Mysterious East
 26   Eyewitnesses to a Cattle Mutilation
 27   H.P. Lovecraft's Fried Seafood Cart
 28   She Was Charmed by His Outward Appearance
 29   The Old Prospector Has a Vision of Green Indians
 30   The Resurrection
 31   Let's Paint Dinosaurs
 32   The Planet of Lost Robots
 33   Intergalactic Hot Rodders
 34   Alien Altercation
 35   Five O'clock Shadows in Disney-Dali Land
 36   The Legend of Jenny Hanniver


 --   (Uncut sheet, autographed)


 --   (Oversized)

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