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Charles Vess
FPG - 1995

No.  Title

 1   The Earth Witch
 2   Circe and the Swine
 3   Daughter of the Sea
 4   The Dragon's Horde
 5   The Wild Hunt
 6   The Sentinel
 7   Those Who Change
 8   Weird of the Dragon Lord
 9   The Demon Sword
10   The Witching Hour
11   The Harp and the Blade
12   Herne the Hunter
13   The Wizard and the Dragon
14   The Yellow Rider
15   The Sacrifice
16   Woodland School
17   Mr. Peach and Ms. Blossom
18   Fiddler's Green
19   Root Witch
20   The Dryad's Song
21   The Keeper of the Flame
22   The White Goddess
23   Sunlight and Shadow
24   Beyond the Fields We Know
25   Lirizel at the Pool
26   The Buttercup Race
27   Sword of Dawn
28   The Tree of Life
29   The Dwarve's Cottage
30   Titania
31   For Her Sake Do I Rear Up Her Boy
32   To Dew Her Orbs Upon the Green
33   Titania and Oberon
34   Me Thinks How Slow the Old Moon Doth Wain
35   Upon Sweet Primrose Beds Did Lie
36   Let Me Play the Lion Too
37   Ill-Met By Moonlight
38   Welcome Wanderer
39   What Angel Wakes Me from My Flowery Bed?
40   What Fools These Mortals Be!
41   Though I Be Not So in Grace As You
42   I Will Lead Them Up and Down
43   What Visions I Have Had
44   Hand in Hand with Fairy Grace
45   And for Her Sake I Will Not Part from Him
46   Little Red Riding Hood
47   An Apple for the Pretty Lady
48   Solitude
49   The Silence of the Stone
50   Winter Moonlight
51   Raven's Song
52   Skade: The Tree of Life and Death
53   Midnight Grove
54   Tales of the Heart
55   Anne of Green Gables: Title Page #1
56   Anne of Green Gables: Title Page #2
57   Anne of Green Gables: Title Page #3
58   Anne and the Avenue of Delight #1
59   Anne and the Avenue of Delight #2
60   Anne Contemplates Dinner
61   Sapling Grove Ceilidh
62   Tam-Lin
63   Riddle of the Wren
64   Sovay
65   King Henry
66   Peter Pan (Show Poster)
67   Peter Pan (Costume Sketch)
68   Hook (Costume Sketch)
69   Mermaid (Costume Sketch)
70   The Underwater Panther (Costume Sketch)
71   The Home Underground
72   Never-Never Land
73   Into the Woods
74   Cinderella
75   The Velveteen Rabbit
76   The Nutcracker
77   Mothergoose
78   Stardust
79   A Giant in a Landscape
80   Once Upon a Time When We All Lived in the Forest
81   Snow, Glass, Apples
82   A Sorcerer and a Gentleman
83   Ice Age #1
84   Ice Age #2
85   Ice Age #3
86   Ice Age #4
87   The Power of Three
88   Ole Tom's Library
89   Mr. A. Rackham Contemplates Nature
90   Charles Vess Checklist


Metallic Cards

M1   The Fairy Market: A
M2   The Fairy Market: B
M3   The Fairy Market: C
M4   The Fairy Market: D

Autograph card

--   Charles Vess


--   (dealer sell sheet)

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