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Video City
   Topps - 1983

Notes:  There are 28 sticker cards, seven each featuring one popular arcade game. 
Four of each subset form a puzzle, one shows the completed puzzle, one offers 
game tips, and one is an order form for Electronic Games magazine.  Each pack 
contains three sticker-cards and three scratch-off game-playing cards (one each for 
each video game), plus a stick of delicious gum. There is only a single "outside" design 
for each scratch-off card, but there are 10-11 designs each after off-scratching.  From my 
experience, the completed puzzles; game tip; and order form backed stickers are scarcer 
than the stickers backed with puzzle pieces.

The cards are not numbered, so I provide an "index number" for each card.  Please 
feel free to link or refer to this checklist in your want lists and extra lists.  Thanks
to Darrell Warner and Albert Joseph for updates!

Index   Sticker Caption         Card Back

Sticker Cards

Donkey Kong Junior

   1    My High Score           Puzzle Top Left
   2    Junior is a Swinger     Puzzle Top Right
   3    Lemme Outa Here!        Puzzle Bottom Left
   4    I'm a Swinger           Puzzle Bottom Right
   5    Lemme Outa Here!        Completed Purple Puzzle
   6    I'm Ape over ...        Game Tips
   7    I'm Ape over ...        Magazine Order Form


   8    Feeling Run Down?       Puzzle Top Left
   9    Two Frogs on a Log      Puzzle Top Right
  10    Kiss Me ... I'm a Frog  Puzzle Bottom Left
  11    Hippety Hoppety ...     Puzzle Bottom Right
  12    Two Frogs on a Log      Completed Green Puzzle
  13    Hop To It ...           Game Tips
  14    Hop To It ...           Magazine Order Form


  15    Tunnelvision            Puzzle Top Left
  16    Ready... Set... Go!     Puzzle Top Right
  17    Turbo                   Puzzle Bottom Left
  18    Turbo is a Gas          Puzzle Bottom Right
  19    Turbo                   Completed Red Puzzle
  20    Turbo Really Moves!     Game Tips
  21    Turbo Really Moves!     Magazine Order Form


  22    Zaxxon Maniac           Puzzle Top Left
  23    My High Score           Puzzle Top Right
  24    Zaxxon Star             Puzzle Bottom Left
  25    Zaxxon Space Ace        Puzzle Bottom Right
  26    Zaxxon Maniac           Completed Blue Puzzle
  27    Zaxxon ... Is a Blast!  Game Tips
  28    Zaxxon ... Is a Blast!  Magazine Order Form

Scratch-Off Game Pieces

  29    Donkey Kong Junior (yellow; 11 designs)
  30    Frogger            (green; 10 designs)
  31    Turbo              (pink; 10 designs)
  32    Zaxxon             (blue; 10 designs)

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