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Vintage Erotica - The Postcard Collection Series 1
   Cult-Adult - 2013

Notes: Cards show sepia images, reduced from postcard (original) size to 
trading-card size. They were released as sealed base set with a chance for 
promo-puzzle chase cards. Cards do not have titles; I offer G-rated 
"descriptions." Further information and scans are posted at the Cult-Adult 

No.   Description

  1   (vacuuming cushion)
  2   (looking over R shoulder)
  3   (adjusting L strap)
  4   (L arm behind back)
  5   (hands on bench, looking half R)
  6   (hands on bench, looking at roses)
  7   (R hand behind neck)
  8   (lying on pillows, looking at L arm)
  9   (standing at drape)
 10   (sitting facing L, high-back chair)
 11   (hands up in hair)
 12   (kneeling on armchair, facing R)
 13   (kneeling on armchair, looking over R shoulder)
 14   (sitting on wide chair, L leg crossed over R)
 15   (sitting, R knee raised)
 16   (sitting, L calf on R knee)
 17   (standing, hand on chair back)
 18   (sitting, R hand on L ankle, R leg raised)
 19   (reclining on sofa, R leg over L)
 20   (sitting on sofa, facing R, bangle hat)
 21   (sitting on sofa, looking half R, bangle hat)
 22   (sitting on bench, black boa over L knee)
 23   (sitting on bench, R side of face on pillow)
 24   (sitting, hand on chair back, black boa over L knee)
 25   (sitting on bench, R foot on pillow)
 26   (standing with tiger pelt)
 27   (standing with tiger pelt, scarf raised)
 28   (sitting, fingers on jug)
 29   (lounging, open hands to ears)
 30   (sitting, head on sofa back, R arm raised)
 31   (sitting, head on sofa back, R hand over navel)
 32   (sitting, shoulders on sofa back, R hand to neck)
 33   (standing, pointing at neck)
 34   (standing, rear view)
 35   (standing in tree branches)
 36   (leaning against tree)


Promo Puzzle (1 card:set)

  1   Vintage Erotica II Coming Soon From:
  2   (puzzle top middle)
  3   (puzzle top right)
  4   (puzzle bottom left)
  5   (puzzle bottom middle)
  6   (puzzle bottom right)

Limited Edition Case Card

 --   (two ladies)


 --   Preview Card 1 (image from Card 1)

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©2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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