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(Vintage Aircraft) Nose Art Series II
   Mother Productions - 1993

Notes: The set title on cards is merely "Nose Art." The 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" cards were sold 
in a boxed set. Box cover art is by Roger L. Worsham and Dan Sauerwald, with text by 
Denney Griffiths and Roger L. Worsham.

No.   Art Title                           Craft     Card text

  1   Shoot You're Covered                B-24J     [Credits]
  2   In the Mood                         B-25J     [Credits]
  3   Pacific Princess                    B25       [Credits]
  4   Betty Polly                         P-63      The primary mission of the B-29 Superfortress was
  5   Ginny Sue                           A-26      Assigned to the China-Burma-India theater, these B
  6   Photo Fanny                         B-25      The B-29 Superfortress was an airplane full of fir
  7   China Doll                          C-47      The nose art that appeared on the B_29s was some o
  8   Rascal                              P-40      Just how significant an aircraft was the B-29? How
  9   Ready 4 Duty                        R-4D      For the B-29 two missions would mark its place in
 10   Take-Off or Bust!                   B-29      Owen Hughes was one of the first painters to use h
 11   Ready Betty                         B-29      "When a plane would come in for remodification or
 12   Under-Exposed                       B-29      Hughes was able to get a picture of his first nose
 13   Double Exposure                     B-29      At the height of the war against Nazi Germany, the
 14   (Lying Down)                        B-29      Responding to the Army specification emphasizing t
 15   Over Exposed                        B-24      Four .30 calibre guns had been specified for the f
 16   (Kneeling)                          B-24      The original contract specification was for an emp
 17   (Lying Back)                        B-24      The first 113 hours of testing went well without s
 18   Whodunit? The 2nd                   B-24      When the Army took over, the service tools and spa
 19   (Rings)                             B-24      In 12942, many of the original B-26s were fitted w
 20   (Brinkman painting Aries)           B-24      The group was then moved by ship to Hawaii, where
 21   "Just One More"                     B-17      The B-26s speed and ruggedness limited its losses
 22   All Shook                           B-50      They began torpedo runs at the Japanese carriers a
 23   Yellow Fever                        B-24-M    The B-24J was the major model of a bomber produced
 24   "Lassie, Im Home"                   B-17      The nose wheel retracted forward and up, involving
 25   Mis Behavin                         B-17      Four neatly-cowled Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp engin
 26   (Up Front)                          P-47      The initial production came from Consolidated's ow
 27   Our Gal                             B-29      then came other versions from Douglas at Tulsa, Ok
 28   Mors Ab Alto                        B-24      The two hand-held .50 guns firing through aperture
 29   Nãna                                B-24      The Hawaiian Air Depot installed turrets in the no
 30   Rose Marie                          B-24      Aircraft from all three plants were designated B-2
 31   Ruth Ann                            B-24      Designated the B-24J which first appeared in Augus
 32   Sweet Sixteen                       KC135     The revised transfer system in later models, furth
 33   Special Delivery                    B-25      In the spring of 1944, both Convair factories went
 34   Big Ole Brew 'n little ole you      B-25      Efforts to remedy operational shortcomings of the
 35   Madame Libby the Sea Diver          B-24      The most undesirable outcome of these weight incre
 36   My Heart Belongs to Daddy           B-24      B-24s were often susceptible to superficial wing d
 37   Pennsy City Kitty                   B-24      The Curtiss Airplane Division constructed a total
 38   "The Big Sleep"                     B-24      By May 1941 the production lines at Curtiss were b
 39   (Artist Green Painting Nov. 1943)   B-24      Rather than interrupt the P-40 production lines fo
 40   Available                           B-24      The Allison powerplant had an external spur propel
 41   Frenesi                             B-24      This set of cards is a special thanks to all the m

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