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Vintage Aircraft Nose Art
Mother Productions - 1992

Notes:  Subtitled "Artwork that Got Us Through the Wars," the oversized 
(2-3/4" x 3-3/4") cards were sold as a boxed set.

No.   Title                   Plane Type

  1   Dream Girl              Restored A-26 "Invader"
  2   Diamond 'Lil'           B-24
  3   Texas Raiders           B-17 "The Flying Fortress"
  4   Southern Comfort        B-29 Superfortress
  5   But - Beat Up Bastard   B-29 Superfortress
  6   Strawberry Bitch        B-24 Liberator
  7   Yellow Rose             B-25 Mitchell
  8   Sleepy-Time Gal         B-24 Mitchell
  9   Surprise Attack         B-24 Mitchell
 10   WAC Uniform 1945
 11   Draggin' Lady           C-47
 12   Lucky Strike            F-111 Aardvark
 13   Lady Luck               B-24
 14   Sack Time               B-24-M
 15   Briefing Time           B-25
 16   Daisy Mae               B-25
 17   Forever Amber           B-24-J
 18   Squeeze                 B-24-M
 19   O-O Nothing             B-24
 20   Night Mission           B-24-D
 21   Home Stretch            B-24
 22   Target for Tonight      B-17 Flying Fortress
 23   Sentimental Journey     B-17
 24   Easy Maid               PB4Y Privateer
 25   Shady Lady              B-24
 26   Double Trouble          B-24
 27   Sic' Em                 B-50
 28   Baby San                B-50
 29   To Each His Own         B-50
 30   Nip on Nees             B-50
 31   Come on "A" My House    B-50
 32   Ace in  the Hole        B-50
 33   Shinpaina!              B-50
 34   T.D.Y. Widow            B-50
 35   Skivvy Girl             B-50
 36   Ape Ship II             B-50
 37   Haulin Ass              B-50
 38   Lady in Dis-Dress       B-50
 39   Honey Bucket            B-50
 40   Daijobu                 B-50
 41   Never Hoppen            B-50
 42   Mais Oui                B-50

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