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Visions of Freedom
Ultimate Art - 1997

Note:  Originally distributed as a factory set, with a signed version available. Thanks much
to Alan Phillips for the checklist!

No.   Title                                                Artist

  1   Sammy Swirl                                          Mark Badger
  2   Sullied symbols                                      Donna Barr
  3   Felix goes to Hell                                   Stephen Blue
  4   Untitled                                             Dan Brereton
  5   Putting an end to sexual harassment                  The Brothers Grinn
  6   Smedley the cat                                      Zander Cannon
  7   Silly Daddy in: Censorship                           Joe Chiapetta
  8   What is it worth to you?                             Hearn Cho
  9   Tough love: Brian and Chris I & II                   Abby Denson
 10   Untitled (features Milk and Cheese)                  Evan Dorkin
 11   Dare it all                                          Scott Dutton
 12   Untitled                                             Sarah Dyer
 13   Censorship is Hell                                   Bob Fingerman
 14   Martha Washington and the CBLDF want you!            Dave Gibbons
 15   Create, don't censor                                 Jennifer Gonzalez
 16   ...but in this case, it may not be such a bad idea!  Roberta Gregory
 17   Censorsoaker                                         Paul Guinan
 18   Billy Dogma and Jane Legit                           Dean Haspiel
 19   Blazin' Glory                                        Alex Horley
 20   Lethargic Lad exercises freedom of speech            Greg Hyland
 21   Hector Hellvetica and Girl Satan get censored!       Dave Johnson
 22   Censorship sucks!                                    Jay Juch
 23   F*** censorship - Starring the Strange Ones          Jeremy Jusay
 24   Untitled                                             Peter Kuper
 25   Ever the same                                        Kevin Landwehr
 26   What price, this doggie by the window?               Jon Lewis
 27   Grimm's library                                      Derek Mah
 28   West Town story                                      Josh Neufeld
 29   Surrender / Voyertech                                Michael A. Oeming
 30   Egon                                                 Alberto Ponticelli
 31   Chains                                               Tom Porta
 32   Suzi Romaine: no restrictions                        Ted Slampyak
 33   The censor at work                                   Bryan Talbot
 34   Lies have a long nose                                Saverio Tenuta
 35   Get used to it!                                      Colin Upton
 36   Tammy and Kitty                                      Andi Watson
 37   The weight on one foot                               Steven Weissman
 38   The Goddess dancing on the brink of destruction      Larry Welz
 39   Radical Dreamer                                      Mark Wheatley

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