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Vote Stickers
   Donruss - 1972

Box: 24 packs of 1 sticker.
Common sets (33): approx. 0.73 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title/Description

  1   Vote for Love
  2   Vote (Liberty Bell)
  3   Vote for Peanut Butter
  4   Vote (V with "!" inside)
  5   Vote for Saturdays
  6   (peace sign: red on blue/white stripes)
  7   Vote for Clean Air
  8   Vote (blue text on white, red wedges)
  9   (peace sign: red on solid blue)
 10   (peace sign: red with stars on solid blue)
 11   Vote ----- for President
 12   Vote Vote Vote (flag pattern)
 13   Vote (stars and stripes text, red bars)
 14   Vote (red text on white, blue wedges)
 15   Vote Vote (blue text, red reflection)
 16   Vote for Recess
 17   Vote (firecracker)
 18   Vote (red on white explosion, on blue)
 19   Vote for Bubble Gum
 20   Vote for a Bigger Allowance
 21   Vote (peace sign "O", blue text)
 22   (eagle)
 23   Vote for Summertime
 24   Vote for Peace
 25   Vote (4 quarters white on blue)
 26   Super Bubble for President
 27   (peace sign: blue on red/white stripes)
 28   Vote Vote Vote Vote (text in flag star field)
 29   Vote for Closed Schools
 30   Vote (peace sign "O", red text)
 31   Vote (red stars at top of blue circling text)
 32   (victory sign)
 33   (victory sign)

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