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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
   Donruss - 1964

Notes: The black-and-white cards bear the notation "Series I," but a second 
series was never produced. Thanks much to Dennis Skowronski for the checklist! 
American Card Catalog reference is R818-6. Scans are posted at the Vintage 
Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Admiral Harriman Nelson
  2   Commander Lee Crane
  3   The Seaview
  4   Ears of the Seaview
  5   Eyes of the Seaview
  6   The Main Deck
  7   Emergency Call
  8   Fastest Course
  9   Atomic Engine Control room
 10   'copter On the Way
 11   Reporting
 12   War Conference
 13   Motorcycle Escort
 14   A Sniper
 15   Close Call
 16   Hidden Tape Recorder
 17   Dr. Gamma And Professor X
 18   Preparing for the Long Voyage
 19   Frogmen Away!
 20   Hull Check
 21   Attack of the Giant Squid
 22   First Shot
 23   Bull's Eye
 24   Narrow Escape
 25   Putting to Sea
 26   Zero Hour
 27   Top Secret
 28   Plotting the Course
 29   Sonar Contact
 30   Death Sign
 31   The Black Witch
 32   Torpedoes Away!
 33   Blast Damage
 34   Seaview Strikes back
 35   Death Shot
 36   Scratch One Sub
 37   Clear Sailing Again
 38   Torpedo Loading
 39   What Happened?
 40   Periscope Depth
 41   Condition Red
 42   Up Periscope
 43   The Enemy Above
 44   Enemy Eyes
 45   Launch Missiles
 46   Clear Horizons
 47   Well Done
 48   On Patrol
 49   Working Parties
 50   Fuel Cell Reading
 51   Command Decision
 52   Orders from Washington
 53   Detour to the North Pole
 54   Surface at the North Pole
 55   Hull Damage?
 56   An Icy Swim
 57   Arctic Operations
 58   Fuel Cell Away
 59   Setting the Timer
 60   Injured Man
 61   Icebound
 62   Leave without Us!
 63   Not a Minute to Spare!
 64   Going Ashore
 65   Debriefing
 66   Battle Report

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