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VR Troopers
Saban - 1995

Note:  This is another set that's difficult to checklist, if "to checklist" is a verb. Individual
cards are not marked but have two puzzles, on the fronts and backs, so you may have some of
the cards and be wondering what set they were from.  Each pack contained a complete five-
card puzzle, so the pack is the appropriate "currency of exchange" and not the single cards.
Each puzzle/pack type came with two variations of wrappers, with the text either 'portrait' or
'landscape'.  Thus, we might consider a "set" to be eight types of wrappers with two complete
sets of the puzzles.  I give brief descriptions below of the image contained in each of the
puzzle cards, just in case you have odd cards that do not complete a pack-set.

Front                                       Back

J.B. Reese (Blue Wrappers)

Upper left - Title "J."                     Upper right - 1 arm, wall displays
Lower left - Red/black right shoulder       Lower right - fingers; full logo
Upper right - Title "B. Reese"              Upper left - Red/black head, shoulders
Middle right - Red/black shoulder, chest    Middle left - Red/black body to knees
Lower right - Red/black chest; full logo    Lower left - Red/black feet

Jeb (Green Wrappers)

Upper left - Dog snout                      Upper right - head, chest; elbow
Lower left - Red/blue towel                 Lower right - Belly, legs; Logo "RS"
Upper right - Title "JEB"                   Upper left - Red/silver head, chest
Middle right - Dog ear                      Middle left - Black/red body; waist down
Lower right - Dog chest; full logo          Lower left - Knees down; Logo "TROOPE"

Kaitlin Hall (Light Purple Wrappers)

Upper left - Title "KAI"                    Upper left - Yellow ceiling, shoulder
Lower left - White/black/red upper arm      Lower left - Red glove; full logo
Upper right - Title "TLIN HALL"             Upper left - White/red/black helmet
Middle left - White/red/yellow neck, chest  Middle left - White/red/black torso, 1 arm
Lower left - Red/white belly; full logo     Lower left - White panel; knobs, fingers

Ryan Steel (Dark Purple Wrappers)

Upper left - Title "RY"                     Upper left - Blue/white/red head, chest
Lower left - Silver shoulder                Middle left - Blue/silver/red torso to knees
Upper right - Title "AN STEEL"              Lower left - Blue/silver calf, foot
Middle left - Silver face                   Upper left - Silver/red arm
Lower left - Silver/red chest, full logo    Lower left - Silver/red foot, full logo

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