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Wacky Packages Parody Art Prints
   Topps - 2015

Notes: Cards are 5" x 7", and were sold individually through the Topps Store. 
Each is numbered to 99.

    No.    Title                   Subtitle

 1 of 10   Vote for Gadzooka       Or Things Could Get Sticky!
 2 of 10   Vote for Hipton         Hippy Days Are Here Again
 3 of 10   Vote for Ajerx          The "Do-Nothing" Candidate
 4 of 10   Vote for Cap'n Crud     Because Every Cruddy Vote Counts
 5 of 10   Vote for Jail-O         "I Am Not a Crook"
 6 of 10   Vote for Koduck         "A Duck in Every Pot"
 7 of 10   Vote for Quacker Oats   Old Fashioned Values
 8 of 10   Vote for Blue Beanie    Don't Be a Meanie
 9 of 10   Vote Platered           You'd Be Nuts Not To!
10 of 10   Commie Cleanser         Clean House with

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