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Wacky At Bats
   Confex - 1991

Notes: Cards do not show a copyright date. The set's "title" is the one usually assigned by 
collectors because of the "Play 'Wacky at Bats'" message on card backs, but the packaging 
merely called them "Baseball Cards" and card backs also have a "Fun-Stuff" logo and the 
cards could also be iudentified by that trait. Thanks to Casey Roberson for the update!

The rules for the "Wacky at Bats" game, shown on wrappers, are: "Shuffle and stack cards 
on table picture side up. In turn, each player calls out a number 1, 2 or 3; turns top card over. 
Read number chosen alound and get or give up runs. Place card on bottom of stack and repeat 
with next player. Add up scores."

No.   Player                     Position


  1   "Boss" Stumblebungler      Woodpecker's Owner
  2   "Stretch" Shlump           1st Base
  3   "Turtle" Clump             2nd Base
  4   "Rabbit" Rhump             Shortstop
  5   "Chubby" Potts             Manager
  6   "Bad Hop" Boyle            3rd Base
  7   "Slam" Walldenter          Outfield
  8   "Spit Again" Finnegan      Outfield
  9   "Ace Hurler"               #1 #2 #3 #4 Starter
 10   "Mumbles" Squats           Catcher
 11   "Wildfire" Tenderheart     Stopper
 12   "Knee High" Nolan          Short Reliever
 13   "Blooper" Hooper           Long Reliever
 14   "Bench" Pinesap            Pinch Hitter
 15   "Bubbles" Armstrong        Pitching Coach
 16   "Sub" Standard             Utility Player
 17   "Won't Go" Wilkus          Pitcher
 18   "Rookie" Green             Bench
 19   "Bubble Dumb" Bonkus       Backup Catcher
 20   "Lefty" Lumbago            Batting Practice Pitcher
 21   "Sacrifice" Finkle         Former Pitcher
 22   "Surf's Up" Pinski         Missing Player
 23   "Slow Bat" Snurd           DH
 24   "Lost Ball" Lewis          Suspended Player
 25   "Fragile" Farkus           DL
 26   Homer Trott                Bench
 27   "Take Sign" Smelloni       Bench
 28   "Nervous" Needham          Outfield
 29   Pauncho Chowowa            Middle Reliever
 30   "Prunes" Prankdork         Utility Player
 31   "Rembrandt" Ravioli        Outfield
 32   "Molasses" Snaildash       Pinch Hitter
 33   "Legend" Liverspotz        Veteran Player
 34   "Cannon" Howitzer          Outfield
 35   "Pat" Bottomsly            1st Base Coach
 36   "Windmill" Twitchell       3rd Base Coach
 37   "Pop" Wobbly               Club House Manager
 38   "Casey" Nightingale        Girl Trainer
 39   "Kid" Fergus               Hot Prospect
 40   "Junior" Stumblebungler    Bat Boy
 41   "Peckerwood"               Team Mascot
 42   "Sweetie" Stumblebungler   The "Boss'" Wife
 43   The Woodpeckers            Team Photo
 44   Pecker Park                Home of the Woodpeckers

 45   José Canjoosie             Anthem Singer
 46   "Buck" Grubber             Player's Agent
 47   "Happy" Keyes              Organist
 48   "Tarp" Sodslugger          Grounds Keeper Departed
 49   "Stats" Droner             Play-By-Play Announcer
 50   "Yack" Jackson             Color Commentator
 51   "Huckster" Plugnickle      Vendor
 52   "Thumb" Downs              Veteran Umpire
 53   Mike Schlepper             Dugout Interviewer
 54   "Flip" Floppencil          Official Scorer
 55   "Bonkers" Fanrumble        Unofficial Fan Cheer Leader
 56   "Goose Eggs" Einstein      Scoreboard Operator
 57   "Skyrocket" Wicks          Ballpark Pyrotechnician


 58   "Nasty" Crabgrass          Manager
 59   "Yum Yum" Broccoli         Buzzard's Owner
 60   "Lash" Whupleather         1st Base
 61   "Spikes" Wormstomper       2nd Base
 62   "Cuddles" Meanstreak       Shortstop
 63   "Trouble" Waters           Outfield
 64   "Ugly" Muggins             3rd Base
 65   "Cheater" Hardrocks        Catcher
 66   "Mildew" Spitkowski        Pitcher
 67   "Hard Sell" Simpson        Pitcher/Pitch Man
 68   "Big Bucks" Bumbino        Outfield
 69   "Crash" Landin             Disabled List
 70   "Clutch" Nochoke           Pinch Hitter
 71   "Stench" Sherman           Pinch Hitter
 72   "Chatter" Chumpley         Bench
 73   "Filthy" Swineslopper      Bench
 74   "Blaster" Badapple         Outfield
 75   "Bad News" Bare            Outfield
 76   "Plunker" Brushback        Stopper
 77   "Scuff" McTough            Pitcher
 78   "Lumps" Lottza             DHB
 79   "Sneaky" Corkstuffer       Pinch Hitter
 80   "Chains" Goldplate         Reliever
 81   "Tell All" Tongueflap      Player In hiding
 82   "No Body" Noodleman        Pinch Hitter
 83   "Gimme 4" Fishbin          Bench
 84   "Splat" Spatterman         Bench
 85   "Slippery" Perkins         Pinch Runner
 86   "Dead Ball" Soreberry      Outfield
 87   "Hot Dog" Hamduster        Former Shortstop
 88   "Cold Cuts" Baloni         Bench
 89   "Cheapy" Sleazegoods       Bench
 90   "Tough Sky" Flubbs         Outfield
 91   "Rain Delay" Davis         Utility Infielder
 92   "Bleep Mouth" Blotz        Backup Catcher
 93   "Cry Baby" Winer           Pinch Hitter
 94   "Rollo" Blocker            Bench
 95   "Bat" Flinger              Pinch Hitter
 96   "Seedy" Spraynuts          Bullpen Catcher
 97   Buzzard Dome               Home of the Buzzards
 98   The Buzzards               Team Photo
 99   "Dead Meat"                Buzzard's Mascot
100   "Snoop" Snitch             Advance Scout

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