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Zoot - 1987

Note:  How can you lose, when you have a set of Garbage Pail Dinosaurs?

No.   Title                  Card Back

 1a   Frizzy Liz             Top edge puzzle piece
 1b   Wailin' Wally          Design-a-Dino C
 2a   Rick Wrecks            Design-a-Dino B
 2b   Wreckin' Becky         Top edge puzzle piece
 3a   Fired-Up Fran          Upper left puzzle piece
 3b   Birth Dave             Design-a-Dino A
 4a   Sandy Claws            Design-a-Dino D
 4b   Ho Ho Howard           Right edge puzzle piece
 5a   Shoppin' Sean          Middle puzzle piece
 5b   Maggie Baggy           Design-a-Dino C
 6a   Hang-Ten Ken           Design-a-Dino B
 6b   Surf's-Up Suzie        Middle puzzle piece
 7a   Stone Joan             Left edge puzzle piece
 7b   Monty Rushmore         Design-a-Dino A
 8a   Mary Mee               Design-a-Dino D
 8b   Greg Groom             Right edge puzzle piece
 9a   Skate Kate             Middle puzzle piece
 9b   Scott Board            Design-a-Dino C
10a   Astro Nate             Design-a-Dino B
10b   Tracey Spacey          Middle puzzle piece
11a   Star Spangled Brenda   Left edge puzzle piece
11b   Yankee Doodle Danny    Design-a-Dino A
12a   Jeff Chef              Pre-Hysterical Humor
12b   Barbie Q.              Lower right puzzle piece
13a   Pete Beat              Bottom edge puzzle piece
13b   Cybil Cymbals          Pre-Hysterical Humor
14a   Tom Bomb               Pre-Hysterical Humor
14b   Bombs Away Kay         Bottom edge puzzle piece
15a   Harry Housewife        Lower right Puzzle #1
15b   Homemaker Heather      Pre-Hysterical Humor
16a   Fine Artie             Upper right puzzle piece
16b   Moaner Lisa            Design-a-Dino D
17a   School Bess            Pre-Hysterical Humor
17b   Russ Bus               Completed Puzzle #1
18a   Wheelin' Willie        Pre-Hysterical Humor
18b   Peddlin' Paula         Design-a-Dino!
19a   Eileen Eyestrain       Pre-Hysterical Humor
19b   Foul-Ball Bill         1st Series Checklist
20a   Triple-Dip Skip        Pre-Hysterical Humor
20b   Ice Cream Joan         1st Series Checklist
21a   Mummy Mia              Pre-Hysterical Humor
21b   Gary Gauze             Completed Puzzle #1
22a   Live-Bait Bob          Pre-Hysterical Humor
22b   Reelin' Celia          Design-a-Dino!
23a   Egg Shelly             Pre-Hysterical Humor
23b   Cracked-Shell Mel      1st Series Checklist
24a   Alpha Betty            Pre-Hysterical Humor
24b   Arthur Teacher         1st Series Checklist

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