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Wacky Packages Die-Cuts
   Topps - 1967-1968

Notes: The inaugural Wacky Packages series was fully die-cut and stickers could 
be "punched out" and moistened for sticking. Card backs were white. There were 
up to three titles for some numbers; Topps acceded to "cease and desist" orders 
because the courts were still struggling with the concept of trademark protection in 
the context of parody cards. Questioned titles were replaced with card fronts from 
elsewhere in the series, and those fronts will be relatively common while the replaced 
stickers are comparatively scarce. Some proof and gray-back test cards have been 
released by the Topps Vault.Further information and scans are posted at the Wacky 
Packages website.

Box: 48 packs of 5 sticker-cards + gum.

  No.      Initial Title                         Replacement Title                      Third Title

1 of 44    Boredom's Instant Coffee
2 of 44    Fearstone Tires                       Duzn't Do Nuthin' Laundry Detergent
3 of 44    Vicejoy Fungus-Tip Cigarettes
4 of 44    Camals Jerkish Blend
5 of 44    Campy Spider Soup                     Chock Full o' Nuts and Bolts Coffee
6 of 44    Slum-Maid Seedy Raisins               Grave Train Dog Food
7 of 44    Spray Nit Hair Infester
8 of 44    Lavirus Mouthwash and Gurgle
9 of 44    Paul Maul Peculiar Cigarettes
10 of 44   Dopey Whip Dessert Topping
11 of 44   Cracked Jerk
12 of 44   Crust Tooth Paste
13 of 44   Kook-Aid Instant Soft Drink Mix(up)
14 of 44   Alcohol Seltzer
15 of 44   De-Mented Rotten Tomatoes             Skimpy Crummy Beanut Putter
16 of 44   Pure Hex Powerful Bleach
17 of 44   Weakies Breakfast of Chumps
18 of 44   Schmutz Beer                          Quacker Oats
19 of 44   Minute Pre-Cooked Lice
20 of 44   Gadzooka Bubble Gum
21 of 44   Moron Salt                            Jolly Mean Giant Peas                  Maddie Boy Dog Food
22 of 44   Liptorn Molten Lava Soup
23 of 44   Muller Low Life                       6-Up
24 of 44   Band-Ache Strips Off Skin
25 of 44   Chock Full o' Nuts and Bolts Coffee
26 of 44   Tied Detergent
27 of 44   Mrs. Klean
28 of 44   Breadcrust Corned Beef Hash
29 of 44   Cover Ghoul [tan bottle]
30 of 44   Horrid Spray Deoderant
31 of 44   Jail-O Sing-Sing's Favorite Dessert
32 of 44   Ratz Crackers                         Weakies Breakfast of Chumps
33 of 44   Grave Train Dog Food
34 of 44   Duzn't Do Nuthin' Laundry Detergent
35 of 44   Fink The Sassy Grapefruit Drink
36 of 44   Maddie Boy Dog Food
37 of 44   Coronation Evaporating Milk           Breadcrust Corned Beef Hash
38 of 44   Cracked Animals                       Cracked Jerk
39 of 44   Hostage Filled with Mud Cupcakes
40 of 44   Mutt's Apple Juice
41 of 44   6-Up
42 of 44   Skimpy Crummy Beanut Putter
43 of 44   Jolly Mean Giant Peas                 Maddie Boy Dog Food
44 of 44   Quacker Oats

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