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Wacky Packages - 7th Series
   Topps - 1974

Notes: Stickers have tan backs. The Checklist puzzle is "Boozo Gum." There 
are two variations for the "Grime" sticker: one with the subtitle Dusty-Greasy 
Chunks, and the other (relatively scarce) Heavy Chunks. Further information and 
scans are posted at the Wacky Packages website.

Box: 48 packs of 2 sticker-cards + 1 checklist + gum.


    Alpoo Leftover Dinner for Dumb Dogs
    Big Banana
    Big Muc (MucDonalds)
    Blank Crows
    Blast Blew Ribbon Beer
    Boozo Whiskey Flavored Bubble Gum
    Caged mad Dog Food
    Contrac Cartridges
    Creature Crackers
    Dimwit Dots
    Dums for the Dummy
    El Polluto Smoggy Cigars
    Emptimo Absents Missing Cigars
    Fibby's Liar's Juice
    Grime Dog Chow [Dusty-Greasy Chunks]
    Grime Dog Chow [Heavy Chunks; short print]
    Gurgles Barely Edible Cereal
    Hag and Hag Wicked and Evil Tobacco
    Hurtz Baked Bears
    Hurtz Tomato Ketchup
    Leek Oil Dripper
    L'oggs Panty Hose
    Marshmallow Flopp
    Medi-Quak Relief for Ducks
    Mex-Pax Coffee for Mexican Bandits
    Mr. Goodbye
    Murial Blands Cigars for Women
    My-T-Fink Pudding & Pot Filling
    Oh Hairy! Fuzzy Chocolate
    Slopicana Orangutan Juice
    Soggy Babies
    Sorry Wrap
    Top Slob

Checklist Cards

    puzzle top left
    puzzle top middle
    puzzle top right
    puzzle center left
    puzzle center middle
    puzzle center right
    puzzle bottom left
    puzzle bottom middle
    puzzle bottom right

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