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Wacky Packages - 9th Series
   Topps - 1974

Notes: Stickers have tan backs. The Checklist puzzle is "Hookey Bubble Gum." 
Further information and scans are posted at the Wacky Packages website.

Box: 48 packs of 2 sticker-cards + 1 checklist + gum.


    3 Mosquitoes Candy for Insects
    Bear Aspirin (Grizzly Flavor)
    Belch's Grape Wine Jelly
    Cents Copper Flavor
    Czechlets Overcoated Tiny Humans
    Delinquent Spinach
    Ducko Cement
    Easy-Cough Oven Cleaner
    Foolite Clod Water Wash
    GI Toe
    Goon's Farm Simple Wine
    Heartburn Unnatural Cereal
    Hookey Bubble Gum
    Ivy Soap (Fight Poison Ivy with This)
    Jerky Fruits Auto Junkyard Candy
    Kick a Man Boy Sauce
    Killy Putty
    Messy Marker
    Moscow Chocolate Syrup for Russians
    Mrs. Small's Tiny Fish Sticks
    None-in-One Pigpen Oil
    Raggedy Ant
    Shake and Skip
    Squabble The Nasty Word Game
    Stickers Chocolate Covered Cactus
    Taxim Squeeze Dried Thumb Tacks
    Windstun Filter Tipped Clubs

Checklist Cards

    puzzle top left
    puzzle top middle
    puzzle top right
    puzzle center left
    puzzle center
    puzzle center right
    puzzle bottom left
    puzzle bottom middle
    puzzle bottom right

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