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Wacky Packages - 11th Series
   Topps - 1974

Notes: Stickers have tan backs. The Checklist puzzle is "Planet of the Grapes." 
Further information and scans are posted at the Wacky Packages website.

Box: 48 packs of 2 sticker-cards + 1 checklist + gum.


    61 Magazine
    Alpain Mixed up Cereal for Nuts
    Bash Concrete Detergent
    Bird Brain Burned Style Leftovers
    Chaffed & Sunburn Coffee
    Chimpanzee Spark Plug
    Comit Cleanser with Advanced Madness
    Cult 45 Witches Brew
    Decay Toothpaste
    Dizzie Bent Cups
    Easy Cuss-Words Magazine
    Family Circuit Magazine
    Fib Falsehood Detergent
    Gulp Oil
    King O'Scare Nervous Sardines
    Moron Chicken Dinner
    Mr. Bog Wet Bread
    Mud Humor Magazine for Pigs
    Muler's Dregg Noodles
    National Geografink
    Planet of the Grapes Soggy Picture Cards
    Progreaso Raw Clammy Sauce
    Saparin 98% Coffee Free
    The Saturday Evening Ghost
    Seventon Fashions for Fatties
    Stinkertoy Frustration Set
    Swiss Fright Cheese for Chickens
    TV Garbage
    Unpopular Mechanics

Checklist Cards

    puzzle top left
    puzzle top middle
    puzzle top right
    puzzle center left
    puzzle center
    puzzle center right
    puzzle bottom left
    puzzle bottom middle
    puzzle bottom right

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