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Wacky Packages - 12th Series
   Topps - 1975

Notes: Stickers have tan backs. The Checklist puzzle is "Sootball Bubble 
Gum." Further information and scans are posted at the Wacky Packages 

Box: 48 packs of 2 sticker-cards + 1 checklist + gum.


    Aquax Cleanser for Ducks
    Battle Caps
    Barman Barroom Tissue
    Brandy Land Game
    Buz Bee Detergent
    Creep Fang Paste
    Duck and Hide Escape Kit for Convicts
    Dud Dull Laundry Soap
    Dud's Boot Beer
    Flare Pen
    Hav-A-Temper Tantrum Cigars
    Killette The Wet Look
    Martian Hats Candy
    Milk Muds
    Mr. Mean A Really Tough Cleanser
    Paydough World's Most Expensive Candy
    Piece's Crumbled Candy
    Robot Burns Cigars for Robots
    Shock Electric Razor-Blade Dispenser
    Siesta Tiresome Crackers
    Sootball Worlds Toughest Bubble Gum
    Stingline .45 Caliber Staple Gun
    Toad Bubble Bath for Toads
    Wash'n Fly
    Weak Germ for Feather Brains
    Wrecko Candy

Checklist Cards

    puzzle top left
    puzzle top middle
    puzzle top right
    puzzle center left
    puzzle center
    puzzle center right
    puzzle bottom left
    puzzle bottom middle
    puzzle bottom right

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