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Wacky Packages - 15th Series
   Topps - 1975

Notes: Stickers have white backs. The Checklist puzzle is "Iron Ons." 
Further information and scans are posted at the Wacky Packages website.

Box: 48 packs of 2 sticker-cards + 1 checklist + gum.


    Bandage Cigarettes
    Bawl Park Wet Franks
    Bloodweiser The Fear Beer
    Blurine Evil Eye Drops
    Bum and Mabel The Hobo's Pipe Tobacco
    Catgobite for Automatic Cat Washing Machines (Formula 212)
    Cheap Stick Lip Bomb
    Dynamites (Exploding)
    Earth Barn Shampoo
    Electric Slave Robot Barber
    Famous Mobsters of Frightland
    Fang Edward Exploding Cigars
    Gums The World's Oldest Shark
    Hacks (Cough Drops)
    Hamel Smoked Cigarettes
    Iron-Ons (Fear-Out)
    Jean Nutty Bath Bubbles
    Jerkitol Dunce Capsules
    Mare Filly Tipped Cigarettes
    Mashbox Superbusted
    Moron Beef Pot Pie
    Petley Flea Bags
    Pound's Fat Skin Cream
    Shingle's Plaster Chips
    Slam Jim Prizefighter Snacks
    Slayskool Atomic Bombs
    Smell Ecch-100 Motor Oil
    Sore Mel Chili
    Ultra Sheep Shampoo for Sheep

Checklist Cards

    puzzle top left
    puzzle top middle
    puzzle top right
    puzzle center left
    puzzle center
    puzzle center right
    puzzle bottom left
    puzzle bottom middle
    puzzle bottom right

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