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Wacky Packages: All-New Series 3
   Topps - 2006

Notes:  An early release, only in 24-pack and 36-pack boxes, was distributed 
in the eastern U.S. in January 2006, prior to the full release in March 2006. 
Variations in stickers 7 and 53 depended on whether the Topps copyright was 
printed at the base of the orange-border puzzle. Further information and scans 
will be found at the Topps web archive.

Box: 36 packs of 6 stickers. 8 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 3.60 per box if collation were perfect.
Box: 24 packs of 6 stickers. 16 boxes per case, 4 boxes per mini-case.
Common sets: approximately 2.40 per box.
Gravity Box: 72 packs of 6 stickers.
Bonus Box: 11 packs of 6 stickers + 1 bonus card.
Blister Pack: 2 packs of 6 stickers + 1 bonus card.

  No.    Title                             Sticker Back

    1    Cocoa Pup                         Orange Puzzle top right
    2    Toady Grahams                     Kazoo v3.0
    3    Snorox                            Insert Checklist
    4    Spite                             Red Puzzle bottom left
    5    Hair                              Blue Puzzle top middle
    6    Watchemacrawlit                   Insert Checklist
    7    Breakbone's                       Orange Puzzle bottom left [2 variations]
    8    Browny                            Blue Puzzle bottom left
    9    Life Savings                      The Gnu Yak Times
   10    Nerd                              Red Puzzle bottom middle
   11    Gutterball                        Blue Puzzle bottom middle
   12    I Can't Believe It's Not Better!  Swami
   13    Deer Parts                        Blue Puzzle top right
   14    Yeti Wip                          Red Puzzle center right
   15    Turtle Whack                      Checklist
   16    Coldate                           Orange Puzzle center
   17    Smellmo                           Marsquest
   18    Cursed Fright Strips              Red Puzzle top left
   19    Brawl Park                        Completed Red Puzzle (Slacker Jack)
   20    Chara Pet                         Napper
   21    Darn                              Red Puzzle top right
   22    Cadbully                          Completed Orange Puzzle (Cap'n Crutch)
   23    Brick                             Blue Puzzle top left
   24    Sunburn                           X-Pox
   25    Cap'n Crutch                      Completed Blue Puzzle (Bald-Aid)
   26    Doze                              Red Puzzle bottom right
   27    Stumble Bee                       Orange Puzzle center right
   28    Secrete                 
   29    Annoying Spitter-Man              Blue Puzzle center right
   30    Liploc                  
   31    Del Monster                       National
   32    Pine-Soil                         Neopest
   33    Rasta Roni                        PayUp,Pal
   34    Coca-Cobra                        Blue Puzzle center left
   35    Juicy Snot Drops        
   36    Hopeless Bluesberry               Red Puzzle center
   37    Tantrum                           Orange Puzzle center left
   38    Stench's                          Munsta
   39    Ego Waffles                       Naggin
   40    Reekola                           Gnatscape
   41    Blubberlicious          
   42    Yoo Goo                           Orange Puzzle top left
   43    Zilla Wafers                      Orange Puzzle bottom right
   44    Leggo                             Checklist
   45    Slacker Jack                      Dull
   46    Ordinary K                        Red Puzzle center left
   47    Gripe-Nuts                        Dizzy Channel
   48    Kongsford                         Noseflix
   49    Spud Stick                        Red Puzzle top middle
   50    Bald-Aid                          Blue Puzzle bottom right
   51    Scavenging Bubbles                Greek Squad
   52    Energeyser                        Blue Puzzle center
   53    Prickles                          Orange Puzzle bottom middle [2 variations]
   54    Jelly-O                           Orange Puzzle Top Middle
   55    Lazy                              Checklist


Rainbow Foil Stickers (1:3 packs)

  F1     Cherry Croak
  F2     Totaled
  F3     Kibbles 'n Zits
  F4     Crummy Time Lame-o-Nade
  F5     Thomess the Trainwreck
  F6     Alive
  F7     Liquid-Bummr
  F8     Greese Sticks
  F9     Raisin Brain
  F10    Redveins

Magnets (1:6 packs)

1 of 9   Bustedfinger
2 of 9   Slum Maid Raisins
3 of 9   Hipton Tea
4 of 9   Shrunken Donuts
5 of 9   Soft Head Bulbs
6 of 9   Footsieroll
7 of 9   Big Muc
8 of 9   Slam Jim
9 of 9   Monotony

Bonus Cards (bonus boxes)

  B1     McFurry   [Target]
  B2     Barfie MyScream    [WalMart]
  B3     BullsEye  [Toys R Us]

Bonus Cards (blister boxes)

  B4     Mutt-Bone Manby Biscuits
  B5     Miracle-Growl Man-Eating Plant Food
  B6     Mess-Quik Chocolate Mud


   --    Annoying Spitter-Man

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