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Wacky Packages All-New Series 4
   Topps - 2006

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 5 stickers + 1 stick of gum.
Common sets: approx. 2.95 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 5 stickers + 1 stick of gum.
Common sets: approximately 1.96 per box.
Bonus Boxes: 11 packs of 5 stickers + gum; 1 bonus card.
Common sets: approximately 0.90 per box.
Blister Packages: 2 packs of stickers + gum; 1 bonus card. 20 per case.
Common sets: approximately 3.27 per case.
Retail Gravity Box: 48 packs of 5 stickers + gum.
Common sets: approximately 3.93 per box.

   No.   Title                                    Sticker Back

     1   Creature Barrel                          Green Puzzle bottom left
     2   Orca-Seltzer Fish Relief                 Raisin Brain
     3   Gooby Snacks                             Checklist
     4   Spaz The Sandwich Treat for Klutzes      Blue Puzzle bottom right
     5   Vex's ViperRub                           Red Puzzle bottom middle
     6   Brokeback Mountain Duo                   Insert Checklist
     7   SnakeWell's                              Green puzzle top right
     8   Pupsodent Grrriginal                     Red puzzle top right
     9   Jip Empty Peanut Shells                  Micespace
    10   Cannibal's Shrunken Noodle Soup          Blue Puzzle center right
    11   Mallomartians                            Red Puzzle top middle
    12   SkinBruiser Black & Blueing Aftershave   Cherry Croak
    13   Mrs. Fiends Hair Raisin                  Red Puzzle bottom left
    14   BabyTooth                                Blue Puzzle top middle
    15   The Da Vinci Cold                        Checklist
    16   Cheez Poodles                            Green Puzzle center
    17   MuttRageous                              K-P Toys
    18   Twigglers Sap Flavored Sticks            Blue Puzzle bottom left
    19   Mr. Potato Dead                          Blue Puzzle completed
    20   Pay-Doh                                  Mutt-Bone
    21   Frosted Shredded Feet                    Blue Puzzle top left
    22   Boreo                                    Red Puzzle completed
    23   Misery Date                              Red Puzzle bottom right
    24   Höggin' Dogz Sharlberry                  Crummy Time Lame-o-Nade
    25   Mud Root Beer                            Green Puzzle completed
    26   Frogresso Soup Hearty Tadpole            Blue Puzzle top right
    27   Geek Giant Dorky Pea-Wees                Green Puzzle center left
    28   Elder's Old School Glue                  Dogville
    29   Robotussin Chest Corrosion               Red Puzzle center left
    30   Chicken in a Casket                      Naasty Messquik
    31   Jujisubees                               Thomess The Trainwreck
    32   Hersey's Sympathy              
    33   Fantom Horrorange                        Insert Checklist
    34   Fisherman's Phlegm                       Red Puzzle center right
    35   Downer Tragic Softener                   Kibbles 'n Zits
    36   Hex Mix                                  Blue Puzzle center
    37   Fancy Feet Gory Cat Food                 Green Puzzle center right
    38   Banned                                   American Ghoul
    39   Plastic Unbreakable Dull Spears          Totaled Pulverized Whole Grain
    40   Kellump's Coal Flakes                    F.A.O. Schwarzenegger
    41   Pullin Strings Natural String Water      Licewire
    42   Maze-ola                                 Green Puzzle bottom right
    43   SweatTarts                               Green Puzzle top left
    44   Witch Bone Wench Dressing                Build-a-Beard Barbershop
    45   Stubble Bubble                           Pukesun
    46   Bom Molotov Cocktail                     Blue Puzzle bottom middle
    47   Tacky Packages                           Alive
    48   Superham                                 EarthLing
    49   Quicker Goatmeal                         Blue Puzzle center left
    50   AridZona Thirst Tea                      Red Puzzle top left
    51   Dum n' old Confused Old Sugar            Miracle-Growl Plant Food
    52   Life After Cereal                        Red Puzzle center
    53   Schlepps Head Injure Ale                 Green Puzzle top middle
    54   Bug Red                                  Green Puzzle bottom middle
    55   Philosophical Original Dream Cheese      Checklist


Classic Wacky Foil Stickers (1:3 packs)

  F1     Rice*a*Phoni
  F2     Old Spit Cologne
  F3     Life Servers
  F4     Kook-Aid
  F5     Neveready Assaulted Battery
  F6     Run Tony Rubout Protection Shells
  F7     Hurtz Tomato Ketchup
  F8     Dampers
  F9     Valveater
  F10    Rinkled Wrap Aluminum Fool

Magnets (1:6 packs)

1 of 9   Chock Full o'Nuts and Bolts
2 of 9   Chumps
3 of 9   Creep Fang Paste
4 of 9   De-Mented Brand Rotten Tomatoes
5 of 9   Chef Girl-ar-dee Feminist Spaghetti
6 of 9   Head & Boulders Shampoo
7 of 9   Hostile Thinkies
8 of 9   Koduck Film for Ducks
9 of 9   6-up

Box-topper poster (Retail boxes)

   --    Pop

Bonus Stickers (Blister Packs)

   B2    Neutrogenie
   B3    Pounded Puppies
   B4    St. Hives Honeybee Swarm

Bonus Stickers (Bonus Boxes)

   B5    Botch-Gard Fabric Stainer (1-789-30-08-6)
   B6    Sic Blood Stic            (1-789-30-07-6)

Card Album (sold separately)

   --    (booklet with 4-pocket pages)
   B1    Stella Dork'o (exclusive bonus sticker)


   P1    Superham (San Diego Comic Con)
   --    Stock Up Now (dealer sell sheet)

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