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Wacky Packages All-New Series 5
   Topps - 2007

Notes:  Thanks much to Erikthearchitect and Greg Geerts for the variations list! 
The second variation might have been found only in bonus boxes or blister packs;
I haven't seen reports of them from hobby boxes, at least not yet.

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 5 stickers + 1 stick of gum.
Common sets: approx. 2.02 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                                       Sticker Back                        Back Variation

    1    Tub Soda                                    Puzzle Red top right
    2    Ant Jemima                                  Sic Blood Stic                      Creature Barrel
    3    Grunt's CaveManWich Sloppy Dino Sauce       Checklist (base)                    Jip Empty Peanut Shells
    4    Wrestlé Crush!                              Puzzle Green bottom left
    5    Jerky Mills Weighties                       Puzzle Blue top middle
    6    Pricier                                     Checklist (chase)                   AridZona Thirst Tea
    7    Iffy Pop                                    Puzzle Red bottom left
    8    Floppy Goosey Juice                         Puzzle Blue bottom left
    9    Scrape Mouthwash                            Robotussin Greasy Medicated Syrup   Checklist (chase)
   10    Mr. Clone                                   Puzzle Green bottom middle
   11    Sour Puss Kids Sad & Gloomy Candy           Pubble Blue bottom middle
   12    Uncle Bone's Long Groan Rice                Orca-Seltzer Fish Relief            Frogresso
   13    Canaduh Dry Ginger Fail                     Puzzle Blue top right
   14    Mr. Bumble Bubble Bath                      Puzzle Green center right
   15    Itchum Itching Powder                       Checklist (base)                    Quakin AfterLife Cereal
   16    Enlisterine Anti-Personnel Mouthwash        Puzzle Red center
   17    Wreckly's Doublemental Drooling Gum         Robotussin Greasy Medicated Syrup   Checklist (chase)
   18    Gerbil Essences Shampoo for Rodents         Puzzle Green top left
   19    Air Witch Air Spoiler                       Puzzle Green completed              Checklist (base)
   20    Sensun Boo! Deadruff Shampoo                Wierd Cheez Poodles                 Neutrogenie
   21    A.I. Artificially Intelligent Steak Sauce   Puzzle Green top right
   22    Wriggling Juicy Fright                      Puzzle Blue completed               Geek Giant
   23    Killfrog's Homey Smacks Frog's Legs Cereal  Puzzle Blue top left
   24    Covered Girl Semi-Gloss                     Vex's Viper Rub                     Puzzle Red completed
   25    Prestomb Auntie Freeze                      Puzzle Red completed                Downer Tragic Softener
   26    Rex-Lax Dinosaur Laxative                   Puzzle Green bottom right
   27    Jerk in the Box                             Puzzle Red center right
   28    Garbage Pail Geezers                        Jujitsubees                         Nabeaksco Chicken in a Casket
   29    Kodiak Tourist Trap Film                    Puzzle Blue center right
   30    Closed-Up Quick Drying Toothpaste           Cannibal's Shrunken Noodle Soup     Checklist (base)
   31    Tung Simian Drink Mix                       Puzzle Blue completed               Geek Giant
   32    Chimpeata Bananas                           Nabeaksco Chicken in a Casket       Vex's Viper Rub
   33    Common Disappointing Cleanser               Puzzle Green completed              Wierd Cheez Poodles
   34    Ranters Mixed-Up Nuts                       Puzzle Blue center left
   35    Her-She Mrs. Goodbar                        Sic Blood Stic                      Creature Barrel
   36    Energy Free Popsi                           Puzzle Green center
   37    Sharkie Great White Marker                  Puzzle Red center left
   38    Chef BoarArDee Spaghetti & Mudballs         Mrs. Fiends Hair Raisin             Orca-Seltzer Fish Relief
   39    Pillsburied Deadsticks                      Jip Empty Peanut Shells             Fancy Feet Gory Cat Food
   40    Murky Oily Soap                             Fancy Feet Gory Cat Food            Frogresso
   41    Polly Pickpocket                            AridZona Thirst Tea                 Mrs. Fiends Hair Raisin
   42    Clairoil Nice 'N Greasy                     Puzzle Red top left
   43    Kruellogg's Apple Jerks                     Puzzle Red bottom right
   44    Hiss-ey's Snake5                            Checklist (chase)                   Checklist (base)
   45    Littlest Sweat Shop                         Downer Tragic Softener              Jujitsubees
   46    Smellogg's Mice Krispies                    Puzzle Green center left
   47    Hivory Soap                                 Mallomartians Snack Attack!         Mr. Potato Dead
   48    Eighty Cups o' Coffee                       Quakin AfterLife Cereal             Mallomartians Snack Attack!
   49    Sahara Lee Desert Cake                      Puzzle Green top middle
   50    Quacker State Beak Performance              Puzzle Blue bottom right
   51    Haunt's Terrifying Ketchup                  Mr. Potato Dead                     Cannibal's Shrunken Noodle Soup
   52    Kid Cursin Censored Microwave Meals         Puzzle Blue center
   53    Purevil Frighty Dog Dog Food                Puzzle Red bottom middle
   54    Ultrabite Toothpaste Unleashed!             Puzzle Red top middle
   55    Lobotomies Q-twits Cotton Spears            Checklist (base)                    Neutrogenie


Foil Cards (1:4 packs)

  F1     Clunky Chocolate
  F2     Screech Tragic Embalming Tape
  F3     Windaxe Window Breaker
  F4     You'll Be Sore Deodorant
  F5     Motorzola Motor Oil
  F6     Hacks Drops
  F7     Dums for the Dummy
  F8     Promesso Gooey Pizza Sauce
  F9     Gulp Oil
  F10    Log Cave In Syrup

Magnets (1:8 packs)

1 of 9   Brittle Soap Pads
2 of 9   Generally Soggy Cheapios
3 of 9   Taster's Choke
4 of 9   Generally Corny Triks
5 of 9   Gadzooka Bubble Gum
6 of 9   Heap o' JerkyFruits
7 of 9   Paydough World's Most Expensive Candy
8 of 9   Burpsi-Cola
9 of 9   Shot Wheels

Box-Topper Poster

   --    Get Wacky!

Bonus Cards (Blister Packs)

   B1    Blob Evans Savage Sausage Creature
   B2    Sylbrainia Extra Bright
   B3    Huffies Push-Ups Basic Training Pants

Bonus Cards (Bonus Boxes)

   B4    Vise All Snap-tural Potato Clamps (Target)
   B5    Vulture Valley Crunchy Grave-Ola Bones (WalMart)


   --    (4-page brochure plus half-sheet)

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©2007, 2015 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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