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Wacky Packages All-New Series 6
   Topps - 2007

Notes:  Thanks much to Bob Hulsart for the update! Further information and 
scans are found at the Topps web archive.

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.79 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Bonus Box: 6 packs of 10 cards.
Retail Blister Pack: 2 packs of 10 cards, 20 packs per case.

    No.    Title                                   Card Back

      1    Ajinx Cleanser                          Puzzle Red bottom left
      2    Ronzombie Stiff Pasta                   Puzzle Red center
      3    Oscar Mauler Meaner Wiener              Puzzle Red top right
      4    Bird Eyes Fresh Poultry Peepers         Puzzle Yellow bottom middle
      5    Drool-Aid Saliva Flavor                 Puzzle Yellow center left
      6    Good & Pricey Lico-Rich Candy           Puzzle Red Completed
      7    Irish Bling Solid Gold Soap             Puzzle Blue Completed
      8    Hawaiian Lunch                          Puzzle Orange bottom left
      9    Fruity Peppers                          Puzzle Red bottom middle
     10    Roid Antabolic                          Puzzle Red center right
     11    Miracle Weep Distressing Dressing       Puzzle Yellow bottom right
     12    Yo, Playa Rap-Berry Flava               Puzzle Yellow center
     13    Kreepy Abnormal Crackers                Puzzle Yellow top left
     14    Windy's Old Cut-the-Cheese Burgers      Weighties The Breakfast of Dumbbells
     15    Alpoor Down & Out Dog Food              Puzzle Orange bottom middle
     16    Triscult The Charismatic Cracker        Puzzle Orange center left
     17    Dummy D Fresh Squeezed Orange Peels     Puzzle Red center left
     18    Perdude Chick Shapes                    Puzzle Red top middle
     19    Anvil Soft Blacksmith-Forged Tissue     Puzzle Orange Completed
     20    Skip-It Crusty Peanut Batter            Puzzle Yellow bottom left
     21    Russell Starver Assorted Wrappers       Checklist - Base Cards
     22    Scribble Cross-Out Game                 Scrape Mouthwash
     23    SIP Oil Shots                           Ant Jemima The Pest
     24    Smashies Chalk Flavor Candy             Puzzle Red bottom right
     25    Trash Formers Rubbish in Disguise       Garbage Pail Geezers
     26    Lame o Lakes Butter                     Puzzle Yellow center right
     27    DaZany Seltzer Water                    Puzzle Yellow top middle
     28    Burn 'Ems Animals Charbroiled Crackers  Common Disappointing Cleanser
     29    Dukin' Donuts Rage Filled!              Puzzle Orange bottom left
     30    Bisquake All Purpose Baking Mess        Puzzle Orange center
     31    Dorka the Executioner                   Puzzle Orange top left
     32    Pest Cocoon & Dispenser                 Puzzle Red top left
     33    Power Bark Energy Bar                   Pricier Water in a Tinier Bottle
     34    Lapton for Dogs                         Sharkie Great White Marker
     35    Grad Cap & Gown                         Ranters Mixed-Up Nuts
     36    Lorna Doom Headstone Cookies            Checklist - Base Cards
     37    Slum Chips Devil's Kitchen Flavor       Enlisterine Anti-Personnel Mouthwash
     38    Meanie-Wheats, Yellogg's Frustrated     Rex-Lax Dinosaur Laxative
     39    Shake 'n Break Extra Violent            Kodiak Tourist Trap Film
     40    WMD-40                                  Puzzle Yellow top right
     41    Plague Bubonic Anti-Family Formula      Sahara Lee Lemon Mirage
     42    Pizza Hat                               Jerk in the Box Burger
     43    Dented ABC Gum                          Puzzle Orange center right
     44    Miniature Maid Pygmy Orange Juice       Puzzle Orange top middle
     45    Godivas "Ice" Cream for Spoiled Brats!  Checklist - Inserts
     46    Purelf with Aloe-Ho-Ho!                 Tub 1 Calorie Soda
     47    Thing Pop with Swamp Gas                Puzzle Green bottom right
     48    Porkay Dairy Spread for Pigs            Mr. Bumble Bubble Bath
     49    Wonduh Hole Wheat Bread                 Puzzle Yellow Completed
     50    Cryola Wash-Out Markers                 Puzzle Yellow Completed
     51    Witch's Enchanting Brew Blend           Puzzle Green Completed
     52    Jelly Bully Totally Mean                Air Witch Air Spoiler
     53    Quiet Pupsi Dog Muzzling Soda           Checklist - Base Cards
     54    Froot Oops! Clumsy Oaf Cereal           Puzzle Blue Completed
     55    Y'all Detergent for Hillbillies         Puzzle Orange top right
     56    Dissed Miss Mocked Chocolate            Puzzle Red Completed
     57    Muck Yuk Gooey Slime Coated Candies     Puzzle Green bottom middle
     58    Chuck'ems Rock Candy                    Puzzle Green center right
     59    Braino Clod Remover                     Mr. Clone Cleaning Servant
     60    Tuffs Sandpaper Face-Off Tissue         Canaduh Dry Ginger Fail
     61    Crickets Candy for Lizards              Homey Smacks, Killfrog's
     62    Lubridirt Muddy Mixture Lotion          Puzzle Blue top left
     63    Panting Shampoo for Real Dogs           Closed-Up Quick Drying Toothpaste
     64    Hollywood Nobodies, Flopps              Checklist - Inserts
     65    Goober Muckaroni and Cheese Dinner      Puzzle Green top middle
     66    Grain of Laundry Detergent              Puzzle Green top left
     67    Goreton's Over Filleted Fish Skeletons  Puzzle Blue bottom right
     68    DuraFlume Eternal Firelog               Puzzle Blue center left
     69    Full Monte Strip Peas                   Puzzle Green bottom left
     70    S.O.X                                   Puzzle Orange Completed
     71    Gasoline Petroleum Guzzler              Puzzle Blue center
     72    Sloth Scrub Mold & Mildew               Puzzle Blue top right
     73    Restled Wrap                            Puzzle Green center
     74    Scorch Demonic Tape                     Puzzle Green top right
     75    Metalmucil Laxative For Old Robots      Puzzle Blue bottom left
     76    Disco Platform Shoe Polish              Puzzle Blue top middle
     77    Fantastink Garbage Action               Puzzle Green Completed
     78    Coffin Cakes, Drac's                    Puzzle Blue center right
     79    Arm & Hammerhead Perilous Baiting Soda  Puzzle Green center left
     80    Fiasco Burnin' Sauce                    Puzzle Blue bottom middle


Make Your Own Wacky Packs Stickers (1:3 packs)

 1 of 10   Hawaiian Punks, Old Fashioned
 2 of 10   Cheapios No Biscuit
 3 of 10   Brittle Soap Pads
 4 of 10   Ratz The Do-Nothing Cleanser
 5 of 10   Quacker Oats
 6 of 10   De-Mented Brand Generally Corny
 7 of 10   Chef Girl-ardee Rotten Tomatoes
 8 of 10   Shot Wheels
 9 of 10   Triks Fortified with Iron
10 of 10   Ajerx Practical Joker Cereal

What's in The Box?!! Stickers (1:4 packs)

 1 of 10   Koduckcolor Film for Ducks
 2 of 10   Head & Boulders Shampoo
 3 of 10   Wormy Packages, Ticks
 4 of 10   Cram
 5 of 10   Weakies "Breakfast of Chumps"
 6 of 10   FootsieRoll The Bar with Sole
 7 of 10   Monotony, Parked Brothers
 8 of 10   Chock Full o' Nuts and Bolts
 9 of 10   Hostile Thinkies
10 of 10   Jerkyfruits Auto Junkyard Candy

Foil Stickers (1:8 packs)

    F1     Campy Condemned Spider Soup
    F2     Cracked Jerk
    F3     Smoocher's Sticky Jam
    F4     Armor Metal Encased Hot Dogs
    F5     9-Lives Tuna Bones
    F6     Nutlee's Quit, Booze Flavor
    F7     Comit Cleanser with Advanced Madness
    F8     Jolly Mean Giant Peas
    F9     Alcatraz Dirtycell
    F10    Hurtz Baked Bears

Box-Topper Sales Poster (Hobby box-topper)

     --    All-New Series 6 Mega Packs

Blister Pack Bonus Cards (1:blister pack)

     B1    Dumbstick
     B2    Splithearts
     B3    Pass

Bonus Box Cards (1:bonus box)

     B4    Axed [Kmart]
     B5    South Beached Whale Diet [Target]


     P1    Quiet Pupsi (San Diego Comic Con 2007)
     --    It's a No-Brainer (dealer brochure)
     --    Super Collectible Jumbo Series (dealer sell sheet)

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