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Wacky Packages Series 1 (Re-Issue)
   Topps - 1979

Note:  This is the first of four series of re-organized Wacky Package
stickers, commonly referred to as the "re-issue" sets because Topps
repeated many of the titles and illustrations from the previous sets.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards + 1 piece of yummy gum.
Common sets: approx. 3.27 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                 Card Back

  1   Camals Jerkish Blend                  puzzle right bottom
  2   Mrs. Klean                            Series #1 Checklist
  3   Chock Full o'Nuts and Bolts           puzzle left top
  4   Vicejoy Fungus Tip Cigarettes         Series #1 Checklist
  5   Liptorn Molten Lava Soup              puzzle left bottom
  6   Hostage Filled with Mud Cupcakes      puzzle center bottom
  7   Tied Detergent                        puzzle right top
  8   Crust Tooth Paste                     puzzle right bottom
  9   Gadzooka Bubble Gum                   puzzle center top
 10   Botch Tape                            puzzle center middle
 11   Plastered Peanuts                     puzzle right top
 12   Ultra Blight Toothpaste               puzzle left middle
 13   Ditch Masters Cheap Cigars            puzzle left middle
 14   Gloom Toothpaste                      puzzle left bottom
 15   Schtick Stupid Stained Steel          puzzle right middle
 16   Boo Hoo Tear Flavored Drink           puzzle left top
 17   Fish Bone Russian Dressing            puzzle left middle
 18   Vile Soap                             puzzle center bottom
 19   Blunder Bread Extra Heavy Bread       puzzle center middle
 20   Gyppy Popcorn                         Series #1 Checklist
 21   Ajerx The Do-Nothing Cleanser         puzzle left bottom
 22   Lucky Stride                          puzzle left top
 23   Rabid Shave                           puzzle left middle
 24   Koduck Film for Ducks                 puzzle left bottom
 25   Crakola Crayons                       puzzle left middle
 26   Neveready Assaulted Battery           puzzle center top
 27   Hurtz Crazy Canary Food               Series #1 Checklist
 28   Hawaiian Punks                        puzzle right middle
 29   Drowny Concentrate                    puzzle right bottom
 30   Rice-A-Phoni                          Series #1 Checklist
 31   Bustedfinger Broken Candy             puzzle left bottom
 32   Fright Guard Deodorant                puzzle left top
 33   Rinkled Wrap Aluminum Foil            puzzle center bottom
 34   Chef Girl-ar-dee Feminist Spaghetti   puzzle center middle
 35   Dampers                               puzzle center top
 36   Armor Metal Encased Hot Dogs          Series #1 Checklist
 37   Land-O' Quakes Butter                 puzzle right top
 38   Moonshine Hyde's Rocks                puzzle right middle
 39   Raw Goo Un Cooked Spaghetti Sauce     Series #1 Checklist
 40   Wormy Packages                        puzzle left middle
 41   Blast Blew Ribbon Beer                puzzle right bottom
 42   Smith Sisters Feminine Cough Drops    puzzle left bottom
 43   Head & Boulders Shampoo               puzzle left top
 44   Slay-Tex Living Gloves                Series #1 Checklist
 45   Shots                                 puzzle left top
 46   Shot Wheels                           Series #1 Checklist
 47   Ha Ha Crackers                        puzzle center top
 48   Piwi Blecch                           Series #1 Checklist
 49   Peter Pain Peanut Butter              puzzle right top
 50   Sugar Daffy                           Series #1 Checklist
 51   Soft-Head Bulbs                       puzzle right bottom
 52   Goonmans Mushy Looney Noodles         puzzle right top
 53   Baby Runt                             puzzle right bottom
 54   FootsieRoll                           puzzle right middle
 55   Bit-O-Money                           puzzle center top
 56   Blisterine Monster Mouthwash          puzzle center middle
 57   Ditch Boy Paint                       puzzle center bottom
 58   Medi-Quak                             puzzle center middle
 59   Sunstroke Creature Crackers           puzzle center bottom
 60   Top Slob                              puzzle center top
 61   Contrac                               Series #1 Checklist
 62   My-T-Fink                             puzzle right middle
 63   Dums for the Dummy                    puzzle center middle
 64   Slopicana Orangutan Juice             puzzle center bottom
 65   Feetena                               puzzle right middle
 66   Loggs Panty Hose                      puzzle right top


Uncut Sheets

 --   (66-card full set)
 --   (132-card two full sets)

Wrapper Items (Red Wrapper; mail-in offers)

 --   (Color proof, 8" x 8-3/4"; offered from Topps Vault)

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