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Wacky Packages (Shedd's)
   Shedd's Peanut Butter / Topps - 1977

Notes: White-back stickers were issued two-per-tub with Shedd's peanut butter.
Further information and scans are posted at the Wacky Packages website.


    Ajerx The Do-Nothing Cleanser
    Blecch Shampoo and Fertilizer
    Blunder Extra Heavy Bread
    Botch Tape
    Bustedfinger Broken Candy
    Commie Cleanser
    Crakola Crayons
    Crust Tooth Paste
    Fright Guard Deodorant
    Gadzooka Bubble Gum
    Gloom Toothpaste
    Gyppy pop Popcorn
    Hawaiian Punks
    Hostage Filled with Mud Cupcakes
    Koduck Film for Ducks
    Liptorn Molten Lava Soup
    Mrs. Klean
    Nertz (Garlic Flavored)
    Neveready Assaulted Battery
    Rice a Phoni
    Ultra Blight Toothpaste
    Vile Soap

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