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Wacky Packages Stickers
   Topps - 1991

Note:  Most of the set was repeated for the 1992 O-Pee-Chee version, but the Canadian issue
excludes seven cards and replaces them with additional back variations.  Card #26, "Barf's
Root Beer," was withdrawn after early distribution and replaced with "Tattoo Skins." A
common set is usually considered to include the regular 55 cards plus 11 back variations,
with either one or the other of the "uplanned" variation for card #26.

No.   Title                                     Back Variation

  1   Draft Keggs
  2   Badzooka Cement Gum                       Puzzle Part
   +  Badzooka Cement Gum                       Coupon
  3   Trucker's Strawberry Traffic Jam
  4   Stupid Moron Bros 2                       Puzzle Part
   +  Stupid Moron Bros 2                       Coupon
  5   Boozco Real Syrup Flavored Booze          Puzzle Part
   +  Boozco Real Syrup Flavored Booze          Coupon
  6   Carnivore Snakes                          Puzzle Part
  7   Char Boy Emergency Room Sponge
  8   Mentals crazy mixed-up fruit
  9   Vlad Trash bags for Vampires
 10   Tragedy Ann
 11   Yuppie Chow
 12   Scrawny paper towels                      Puzzle Part
   +  Scrawny paper towels                      Coupon
 13   Famished Amish cookies                    Puzzle edge
 14   Popps Magazine                            Puzzle Part
   +  Popps Magazine                            Coupon
 15   American Distress pay toilet card         Coupon
 16   Hidden Valley Stench
 17   Squelch's Ape Juice
 18   Prez Broccoli Dispenser                   Puzzle Part
   +  Prez Broccoli Dispenser                   Coupon
 19   Reekboks Really Stinky Sneakers
 20   Extraterrestrial Seize 'Ems               Puzzle Part
 21   Bambo video tape                          Puzzle Part
   +  Bambo video tape                          Coupon
 22   Pego Building Set for one-legged pirates
 23   Zenergizer
 24   Barf Wimpson
 25   Pigtionary
 26   Tattoo Skins
   +  Barf's Root Beer [withdrawn]
 27   HoboCop inaction figure
 28   Newpork Pig Cigs
 29   Kitty Zitter cat pox filler
 30   SaneBall
 31   Little Dead Kitten
 32   Pit Evaporated Pit Bull Milk
 33   Retch A Sketch
 34   Fatman obese superhero
 35   The Real Gross Blisters
 36   Oldage Mutant Nasty Turkeys               Puzzle Part
   +  Oldage Mutant Nasty Turkeys               Checklist
 37   Nude Kids on the Block                    Puzzle Part
   +  Nude Kids on the Block                    Coupon
 38   Cup O' Poodles                            Puzzle Part
   +  Cup O' Poodles                            Coupon
 39   Flea-Wee's Flop-House                     Puzzle Part
   +  Flea-Wee's Flop-House                     Coupon
 40   Duck Bar
 41   Wheel of Torture
 42   Old El Gas-O Rerefried Beans
 43   Scumby                                    Coupon
 44   By Dr. Sushi                              Coupon
 45   Mrs. Blubber-worth's
 46   The Rat in the Cat
 47   Coorpse Light
 48   Sick Tracy
 49   Mummorex Tutankamem Tape
 50   Drunken' Donuts
 51   Snot 'n Blow
 52   Barfield Hang-Up
 53   The Baby Splitters Club
 54   Microbe Machines
 55   Donkey Nose Pizza

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