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The Walking Dead 100th Episode & Season 8 Premier Set
  Topps On Demand - 2017

Notes: This "On Demand" set was sold on the Topps website for a one-week period. Parallels for 
each character have a suffix associated with the scarcity, with "-A" also added to the end of 
autograph numbers. I show numbers of cards observed so far. Total print run was 282 sets.

Set: 25 base cards + 1 autograph + at least 3 parallels.

   Title                                   Base      50       25     10       5       1

   Parallels (3+/set) include: Mud (# to 50), Mold (# to 25), Sepia (# to 10),
   Black and White (# to 5), Blood Red (# 1/1).

Base Cards

   Rick Grimes                                1     1MU      1MO      1S     1BW
   Daryl Dixon                                2     2MU      2MO      2S     2BW
   Negan                                      3     3MU      3MO      3S             3BR
   Lori Grimes                                4     4MU      4MO      4S
   Carl Grimes                                5     5MU      5MO      5S     5BW
   The Governor                               6     6MU      6MO      6S     6BW
   Michonne                                   7     7MU      7MO             7BW
   Carol Peletier                             8     8MU      8MO
   Maggie Greene                              9     9MU      9MO      9S
   Glenn                                     10    10MU     10MO     10S    10BW
   Tara                                      11    11MU     11MO            11BW
   Sasha Williams                            12    12MU     12MO     12S
   Abraham                                   13    13MU     13MO            13BW
   Eugene Porter                             14    14MU     14MO     14S            14BR
   Rosita Espinosa                           15    15MU
   Father Gabriel                            16    16MU     16MO     16S
   Aaron                                     17    17MU     17MO     17S
   Hershel Greene                            18    18MU     18MO            18BW
   Enid                                      19    19MU     19MO            19BW
   Paul "Jesus" Rovia                        20    20MU     20MO
   Shane Walsh                               21    21MU     21MO     21S
   Tyrese Williams                           22    22MU     22MO
   Merle Dixon                               23    23MU     23MO     23S    23BW
   Deanna Monroe                             24    24MU     24MO     24S
   King Ezekiel                              25    25MU     25MO     24S    25BW

Autograph Cards (1:set)

   Chad L. Coleman as Tyrese Williams                                              22BR-A
   Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes                                           5BW-A    5BR-A
   Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa 
   Danai Gurira as Michonne                                                7BW-A
   David Morrissey as The Governor                                         6BW-A
   Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan
   Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter                                        14BW-A
   Katelyn Nacon as Enid                          19MU-A  19MO-A   19S-A
   Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier                                8S-A   8BW-A
   Michael Cudlitz as Abraham                                             13BW-A
   Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon 
   Ross Marquand as Aaron                                 17MO-A   17S-A
   Sarah Wayne Collies as Lori Grimes                      4MO-A           4BW-A
   Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene
   Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel
   Steven Yeun as Glenn                                                   10BW-A
   Tom Payne as Paul "Jesus" Rovia                                        20BW-A
   Tovah Feldshuh as Deanna Monroe                        24MO-A   24S-A  24BW-A

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©2017, 2018 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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