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War Cry!  Propaganda Poster Art of WWII
Kitchen Sink - 1992

Notes:  Originally distributed as a boxed factory set.  Thanks much to Jan
Burns Cederquist for the checklist!

No.   Title                                             Country, Date         Artist

  1   Wanted in Prague                                  USA                   Adolf Hoffmeister
  2   Keep Mum, She's Not So Dumb, Careless Talk...     England               G. Lacoste
  3   His Rifle Will Fire, Will Mine? Care of Arms...   England, 1942         Abram Games
  4   He's Watching You                                 USA, 1942             Glenn Grohe
  5   Bits of Careless Talk are Pieced Together...      USA, 1943             Steven Dohanos
  6   Jap...You're Next!  We'll Finish the Job!         USA, 1944             James M. Flagg
  7   Adolf Hitler is Victory                           Germany, 1943         R. Gerhard Zill
  8   Unification"                                      Republican Spain      Unknown
  9   The New Order of the Axis"                        USA, 1944             E. McKnight Kauffler
 10   Stop Him and the Job's Done                       Official Army Poster  Unknown
 11   Buy Treasury Bonds from the Bank of Rome          Italy, 1942           A. Capitani
 12   When You Ride Alone You Ride with Hitler...       USA, 1942             Weimer Pursell
 13   I'll Give 'em Hell!  You Give Me the Stuff        USA, 1942             P. Tepper
 14   This is the Enemy                                 USA, 1942             K. Koehler/V. Ancona
 15   Keep These Hands Off!  Buy the New...             Canada, 1942          G.K. Odell
 16   Victory Will be Ours                              Germany, 1942         Unknown
 17   Big Antibolshevik Exhibit                         Germany, 1930's       Unknown
 18   God Help Me if This Is a Dud!                     USA, 1942             J. Vickery
 19   For the Conquered - Steel!  Not Bread!            England               E. McKnight Kauffler
 20   Horseplay with Weapons May End Like This...       England, 1942         Abram Games
 21   He Can't Fix Guns in the Air!  Build 'Em Right    USA                   Unknown
 22   This Is Your War                                  USA, 1943             Bert Yates
 23   Blood Donors are Needed Urgently to Save...       England, 1942         Abram Games
 24   It CAN Happen Here!  Unless We Keep 'Em Firing!   USA, 1942             Unknown
 25   Build and Fight in the Navy Seabees               USA                   J. Falter
 26   Lest It be Too Late!  Help Greece Now             USA                   Unknown
 27   Hands Off the Americas                            USA, 1942             John Gaydos
 28   Belgium Fights On                                 USA                   R. Sturbelle
 29   Dutchmen, Fight Bolshevism in the Waffen SS       Holland, 1943         Unknown
 30   Blackout!  The Enemy Sees Your Light!             Germany, 1940         Herweg
 31   A Careless Word...Another Cross                   USA, 1943             John Atherton
 32   They Give Their Blood.  Give Your Work.           France, 1942          Unknown
 33   The M-1 Does My Talking!                          USA, 1944             Schaikjer
 34   France Forever.  The Free French Movement...      USA                   Jean Carlu
 35   Careless Talk Got There First                     USA, 1944             R. Pishalka
 36   Marines on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima                USA, 1945             J. Rosenthal

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