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Warehouse 13 Season 2
Rittenhouse Archives - 2011

Note: Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 15 packs of 6 cards.
Episode sets (26): approx. 1.15 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title                                            Episode / Type

Episode Cards (2:pack; # to 250)

  1    Thanks to the Phoenix Amulet, Artie managed to   Time Will Tell
  2    With the Imperceptor Vest now powered by the a   Time Will Tell
  3    Artie sent Myka and Pete off to Detroit to inv   Mild Mannered
  4    A fan of the Iron Shadow, pete uttered the her   Mild Mannered
  5    While at Univille's post office, looking for h   Beyond Our Control
  6    Pete realized that the strange occurrences in    Beyond Our Control
  7    Myka and Pete headed to a fashion show in New    Age Before Beauty
  8    Shortly after meeting a photographer named Per   Age Before Beauty
  9    Douglas Fargo of Global Dynamics in Eureka, Or   13.1
 10    Hugo One initiated a protocol to put the wareh   13.1
 11    While nearly recovering a dangerous artifact a   Around the Bend
 12    Thanks to the effects of an artifact that Pete   Around the Bend
 13    Myka and Claudia went to Tamalpais University    For the Team
 14    Myka caught up with H.G. Wells, who explained    For the Team
 15    After retrieving an artifact, a statue of a gr   Merge with Caution
 16    While Pete and Myka dealt with their switched    Merge with Caution
 17    When Dickinson was found dead, Artie recognize   Vendetta
 18    The team traveled to Artie's old rendezvous po   Vendetta
 19    Rebecca, a Warehouse agent from the 1960s, arr   Where and When
 20    Realizing that Jonah wasn't the killer, Pete a   Where and When
 21    When a trio of students were found dessicated    Buried
 22    At Warehouse 13, Mrs. Frederic continued to be   Buried
 23    After being knocked out in a surprise blow fro   Reset
 24    The handle and spear combined to form a triden   Reset
 25    After a man in Los Angeles, Larry Newly, was a   Secret Santa
 26    Pete and Myka took Larry home and sealed off a   Secret Santa

Artifacts "Snag It, Bag It, Tag It" (1:pack; # to 350)

A-20   Godfrid's Spoon
A-21   Man Ray's Camera
A-22   Mata Hari's Stockings
A-23   Pearl of Wisdom
A-24   Telegraph Island Telegraph
A-25   Max Wertheimer's Zoetrope
A-26   Norse Hammer
A-27   Lizzie Borden's Compact
A-28   Cinderella's Glass Knife

Costume Relic Cards (1:pack; # to 350)

 --    Pete Lattimer                                    Mild Mannered
 --    Artie Nielsen                                    Reset
 --    Leena                                            Time Will Tell
 --    Myka Bering                                      Around the Bend
 --    Claudia Donovan                                  Burnout
 --    Myka Bering                                      Pilot
 --    Myka Bering                                      Pilot
 --    Pete Lattimer                                    Claudia
 --    Myka Bering                                      When and Where

Autograph Cards (2:pack)

 --    Sarah Allen as Emily Krueger
 --    Tia Carrere as Agent Katie Logan
 --    Dillon Casey as Cody Thomas
 --    Nolan Gerard Funk as Todd
 --    Neil Grayston as Douglas Fargo
 --    Tyler Hynes as Joshua Donovan
 --    Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering                      Square Image Style
 --    Roberta Maxwell as Rebecca St. Clair
 --    Eddie McClintock as Pete Lattimer                Square Image Style
 --    Sherry Miller as Lorna Soliday
 --    Jaime Murray as H. G. Wells
 --    CCH Pounder as Mrs. Irene Frederic               Square Image Style
 --    Saul Rubinek as Artie Nielsen                    Square Image Style
 --    Allison Scagliotti as Claudia Donovan            Square Image Style
 --    Armin Shimerman as Charlie Martin
 --    Faran Tahir as Adwin Kosan
 --    Genelle Williams as Leena                        Square Image Style
 --    Jun Yul-Kim as Mrs. Frederic's Bodyguard

Card Album (sold separately; 4 albums/case)

 --    (binder)
 P3    (album promo; also listed below)


 P1    (general distribution)
 P2    (Non-Sport Update)
 P3    (binder exclusive or San Diego Comic Con 2011)

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©2011, 2012 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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