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Warehouse 13 - Season 4:
Episodes 1 thru 10 Premium Packs
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2013

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Pack: 2 base + 1 chase + 2 relics + 1 auto or auto relic.

 No.   Card Text / Title                                       Episode                 # to

Episode Cards (2:pack)

   1   After the complete destruction of the Warehouse by      A New Hope
   2   Under the Roman streets, the team found an elevato      A New Hope
   3   Artie sent Pete and Myka off to Philadelphia to in      An Evil Within
   4   Claudia, still grief stricken over the death of Ji      An Evil Within
   5   One of the many benefits of having Jinks back was       Personal Effects
   6   Pete and Myka appealed to Jesse's mother, but she       Personal Effects
   7   Claudia and Pete reunited with former agent Hugo,       There's Always a Downside
   8   Jinks and Myka headed to Louisiana to investigate       There's Always a Downside
   9   Myka and Pete were sent north of the border to che      No Pain, No Gain
  10   Claudia had been called to lunch with Mrs. Frederi      No Pain, No Gain
  11   As Artie headed off to his monthly date with Dr. V      Fractures
  12   Artie narrowly escaped an attack from a waitress,       Fractures
  13   Artie, Claudia and Jinks tracked Brother Adrian to      Endless Wonder
  14   When Artie confronted Brother Adrian, he was cowed      Endless Wonder
  15   Pete and Myka traced two cases of a strange rustin      Second Chance
  16   Pete tried to stop Cody from taking revenge on Sis      Second Chance
  17   The team learned that Brother Adrian had sent out       The Ones You Love
  18   Mrs. Frederic and Jinks, in a secret chamber in th      The Ones You Love
  19   The team refused to believe that Artie could have       We All Fall Down
  20   Despite Myka's efforts, Artie managed to retrieve       We All Fall Down

Of Monsters and Men Folding Cards (1:2 packs)

MM1    Artie and Claudia returned to the Warehouse after
MM2    Trapped inside a two-dimensional world, Pete, Clau
MM3    The "City of Ghouls" comic book lived up to its na
MM4    Pete, determined to rescue Claudia, descended into
MM5    Pete's attempt at rescue didn't go according to hi
MM6    Artie made contact with the Warehouse and devised
MM7    As Frank and Pete made their way to the Blue Skies
MM8    Artie and Leena managed to crack the secret to the
MM9    Frank retrieved his lighter and turned its monstro
MM10   Leena learned that in order for the team to escape

Grand Design (1:2 packs)

GD1    Chapter 1: On a rainy day at the Warehouse, Pete a
GD2    Chapter 2: As Artie brings the team up to speed on
GD3    Chapter 3: To stop the earthquakes generated by th
GD4    Chapter 4: While the artifact-generated chaos cont
GD5    Chapter 5: As Artie fights to save Claudia from dr
GD6    Chapter 6: As the Warehouse heats up all around th
GD7    Chapter 7: Blasted by gale force winds, Myka holds
GD8    Chapter 8: To stop the fires raging throughout the
GD9    Chapter 9: Working together, the team fights to re
GD10   Chapter 10: With the Warehouse folding in on itsel

Artifact Relic Cards (2:pack)

 --    Artie Nielsen [goggles]                                 Around The Bend         350
 --    Artie Nielsen [watch and trivet]                        A New Hope              450
 --    Brother Adrian                                          A New Hope              150
 --    Claudia Donovan [purple weave]                          Beyond Our Control      350
 --    Claudia Donovan [geisha]                                No Pain, No Gain        350
 --    Dr. Vanessa Calder                                      For The Team            150
 --    H.G. Wells                                              For The Team            150
 --    Hugo Miller                                             13.1                    350
 --    Kate Logan [leaning back]                               Around The Bend         350
 --    Kate Logan [leaning forward]                            Around The Bend         450
 --    Leena                                                   Resonance               450
 --    Mrs. Irene Frederic                                     Breakdown               450
 --    Myka Bering [plaid shirt]                               The New Guy             450
 --    Myka Bering [white coat]                                For The Team            350
 --    Pete Lattimer [shirt and jacket]                        Time Will Tell          450
 --    Pete Lattimer [gladiator]                               Don't Hate the Player   450
 --    Sally Stukowski                                         The New Guy             450
 --    Steve Jinks [eyes right]                                We All Fall Down        450
 --    Steve Jinks [eyes ahead]                                Personal Effects        450

Autograph Cards (1:pack)

 --    Allison Scagliotti as Claudia Donovan
 --    Ashley Williams as Sally Stukowski
 --    Brent Spiner as Brother Adrian
 --    CCH Pounder as Mrs. Irene Frederic
 --    Genelle Williams as Leena
 --    Jaime Murray as H.G. Wells
 --    Jeri Ryan as Amanda Lattimer
 --    Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering                             Where and When

    Autograph Relic Cards

 --    Allison Scagliotti as Claudia Donovan [Burnout]                                 160
 --    Brent Spiner as Brother Adrian                          A New Hope              160
 --    CCH Pounder as Mrs. Irene Frederic                      The 40th Floor          150
 --    Genelle Williams as Leena                               The New Guy             150
 --    Jaime Murray as H.G. Wells                              3..2..1                 150
 --    Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering                             Pilot                   160

Multiple-Box-Purchase Incentive Cards

 --    Pete Lattimer [relic; 2 packs]                          Age Before Beauty       150
 --    Jeri Ryan as Amanda Lattimer [autograph relic; 4 packs] The Ones You Love       107
 --    Archive Box [master set, pack-inserted cards; 8 packs]

Box Topper Plastic Card

BT1    (Cast Card)


 P1    (aiming guns; general distribution)
 P2    (glowing artifact; Philly Non-Sports Show, Spring 2013)

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