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War in the Gulf
Topps - 1994 (unreleased)

Notes: Apparently Topps planned to release a ninth set for the First Gulf War, 
but shelved the project when the conflict ended. Michael Beam (thanks!!) acquired 
one of the two uncut sheets that were sold from the Topps Vault. Some of the 
images don't match the checklist and cards on the test sheet were white-back and
unnumbered, so it looks like the set was being configured for 132 cards, not just 
the 66 shown on the checklist below. 

No.   Title

  1   President George Bush
  2   Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney
  3   General Colin Powell
  4   General Norman Schwarzkopf
  5   Lt. General Charles A. Horner
  6   Lt. General Calvin Waller
  7   Lt. General John J. Yeosock
  8   Press Briefings
  9   General Merrill A. McPeak
 10   Rear Admiral John M. McConnell
 11   Lt. General Thomas W. Kelly
 12   EA-6B Prowler
 13   A-7 Avenger
 14   AV-8B Harrier
 15   A-10 Thunderbolt
 16   B-52 Srtatofortress
 17   E-2C Hawkeye
 18   E-3A Sentry
 19   C-58 Galaxy
 20   F-111 Aardvark
 21   F-14 Tomcat
 22   F-15 Eagle
 23   F-177A Stealth Bomber
 24   F-16 Fighting Falcon
 25   F/A-18 Hornet
 26   KC-10 Extender
 27   KC-135 Stratotanker
 28   CH-53 Super Stallion
 29   A-6 Intruder
 30   AH-1 Cobra
 31   AH-64 Apache
 32   CH-47 Chinook
 33   F-4G Wild Weasel
 34   UH-1 Huey
 35   UH-60 Desert Hawk
 36   M-1A1 Abrams
 37   M-2 Bradley
 38   M-110 Howitzer
 39   Light Armored Vehicle
 40   LVTP-7
 41   HMMWV - The Hummer
 42   Landing craft Air Cushion
 43   M-551 Sheridan
 44   M-60 Tank
 45   Sidewinder Missile
 46   Hawk Missile
 47   Chapparal Missile
 48   Patriot Missile
 49   Harm Missile
 50   Origins of the Conflict
 51   Iraq's Demands
 52   Iraq Invades Kuwait
 53   From the Shield to Storm
 54   First Strikes
 55   The Week of Terror
 56   The Air War Continues
 57   Jordan Sides with Iraq
 58   Preparation for the Ground War
 59   Victory!
 60   U.S. Marine Corps
 61   U.S. Navy
 62   U.S. Air Force
 63   U.S. Army
 64   Britain's Tornado
 65   France's Mirage 2000
 66   Kuwait's Forces

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