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War Gum
   Gum Inc. - 1942

Notes: Cards are 2-1/2" x 3" with color artwork on fronts and descriptive text 
on backs, which also show the caption "Buy U. S. Defense Savings Bonds or 
Stamps." American Card Catalog reference is R164. Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

 No.   Title

   1   Franklin Delano Roosevelt
   2   First American Shot Fired
   3   Admiral Harold R. Stark
   4   dying Captain Carries On
   5   Admiral Ernest Joseph King
   6   U. S. Destroyer Sinks Enemy Sub
   7   Cordell Hull
   8   U. S. Sailor Mans 5-inch Gun Alone
   9   Admiral Thomas Charles Hart
  10   Defense of Wake Island
  11   General Douglas A. MacArthur
  12   Read Guard Holds Japs at Bay
  13   Capt. Colin P. Kelly, Jr.
  14   Filipinos Destroy 154 Jap Boats
  15   Winston Churchill
  16   U. S. Flier Strafes Jap Airdrome
  17   The Chiangs
  18   Observer Spots Jap Battleship
  19   General George Marshall
  20   Filipinos Attack 54 Jap Planes
  21   General Sir Archibald P. Wavell
  22   Dutch Sea-Air Offensive
  23   Luzon's "Sergeant York"
  24   Luzon Repels New Year's Push
  25   Luzon's Star Anti-Aircraft Unit
  26   Malayans Check Jap Landing
  27   "Heron" Fights Off Jap Planes
  28   Trapping Jap Suicide Bicyclists
  29   Three U. S. Pilots Faces 108 Japs
  30   Commandos "Bag" a Jap General
  31   Heroic Dutch Stand at Tarakan
  32   Major General H. G. Bennett
  33   Sub Sinks 17,000-ton Jap Liner
  34   U. S. Torpedo Boat Attacks Jap Ship
  35   Major Trapnell Wins a D.S.C.
  36   Macarthur's Men Beat Off Japs
  37   Japs Kill U. S. Hero Bailing Out
  38   Filipino Guerillas Raid Airdrome
  39   Battle of Macassar Strait
  40   Survives Mine-blasted Sub
  41   Torpedo Boat Attacks Jap Bombers
  42   U. S. "Tigers" Blast Jap Column
  43   2nd Lieut. A. R. Nininger, Jr.
  44   Midway Island Defies the Japs
  45   Guns Blast Corregidor Invasion
  46   Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
  47   Mixed Battalion Smashes Japs
  48   Singapore's Last Hours
  49   Corregidor Speaks!
  50   Ex-Football Star Is Death to Japs
  51   Dutch Kill Sky Troops at Sumatra
  52   Filipino Wins Congressional Medal
  53   Tank-Riding Igorots Wipe Out Japs
  54   Third Congressional Medal Winner
  55   "Ace" Lieut. Edward H. O'Hare
  56   Moro Tribesmen Slaughter Invaders
  57   Dutch Hero Destroys Tank and Self
  58   MacArthur's Planes Sink Jap Ships
  59   Allied Planes Raid Jap Island
  60   Bombers Attack Japs in New Guinea
  61   Fliers Sail 1000 Miles on Life Raft
  62   MacArthur Starts Dash to Australia
  63   Cruiser's Light Saves 116 Men
  64   Mountbatten of the Commandos
  65   Commando Raid on St. Nazaire
  66   Spectacular 4000-Mile Raid on Phillipines
  67   !Tokyo Bombed
  68   Boyd Wagner, the Jap-Killer
  69   British Seize Madagascar
  70   Great Coral Sea Victory
  71   Doolittle Receives Congressional Medal
  72   Daring Sub Saves Corregidor's Gold
  73   Hangman Heydrich Assassinated
  74   Cologne Devastated by 1250 R.A.F. Warplanes
  75   British Capture Rommel's Chief Aide
  76   Brigadier Gen. Chennault of the Tigers
  77   Ukranian Guerillas Blast Troop Train
  78   The Battle of Midway
  79   Ensign Views Midway Battle from Sea
  80   MacArthur's Filipino Aide-de-Camp
  81   Plane Drops Flag on Unknown Soldier's Tomb
  82   Army Bombers Blast Japs Off Aleutians
  83   U. S. "Liberators" Sink Italian Cruiser
  84   Stalking the Axis Submarine Raiders
  85   Russian Girl Sniper Wins Coveted Medal
  86   U. S. Sub Sinks Jap Ship at Launching
  87   Ship Gunner Braves Torpedoes
  88   American Aces Smash Jap Airdrome in Canton
  89   Yank Flier's Bombs Wreck Nazi Supply Trains
  90   R. A. F. Scourges Hamburg
  91   American Marines Attack Solomon Islands
  92   Navy Cripples Japs in Aleutians
  93   Makin Island Raid
  94   Eaker Leads First All-American Bombing
  95   Dieppe Raided by Commandos
  96   Biggest Air Victory
  97   General Charles De Gaulle
  98   Wing Commander, Douglas R. Bader
  99   Emperor Haile Selassie
 100   King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
 101   Miss Lee Ya-Chiang
 102   Marshall Semion Budenny
 103   Sergeant Pilot Gareth L. Nowell
 104   Victor Talakhin
 105   Eve Curie
 106   Ray Collishaw
 107   Lieut. General Jan Christian Smuts
 108   King George II of Greece
 109   "Human Bombs" Blow Up Tanks
 110   Commandos Raid Tobruk
 111   U. S. Bombers Attack Subs
 112   Cutter Rams Italian Submarine
 113   Blasting Japs on Burma Road
 114   Dive Bombers Sink Returning Japs
 115   Flying Boat Captures Sub Crew
 116   Capt. George "Ed" Kiser
 117   Willkie Visits World Battle Fronts
 118   MacArthur Honors Fighter Hero
 119   Melnik, the Cossack
 120   Marines Pepper Attacker of Hero
 121   Yank High Altitude Bombers
 122   Brave Children of Malta
 123   Lieut. Paine Saves "Phyliss"
 124   Alaskan "Flying Tigers"
 125   Bombers Fire Lille Factories
 126   Marshal Semion Timoshenko
 127   Youngest Soviet Soldier
 128   MT Boats Assail Jap Warships
 129   Negro Swimmer Tows Survivors
 130   "Marauders" Blast Jap Deatroyers
 131   Australia's General Rowell
 132   Heroic Defense of Stalingrad

  --   (uncut sheet; 20 cards)

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