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War of the Independents
Dave Ryan - 2011

Notes: The set is generally distributed as a factory set in a collector box with extras. 
It is based on the 6-issue limited comic series. Further information and scans are posted 
at the Redzonegirls website.

No.   Title                         Artist(s)

  1   Captain Action                John Byrne, Joe Ahearn
  2   Atomika                       SanJulian
  3   Shadowflame                   Buzz, Rob Stull, Greg Waller
  4   Pistolfist                    Rob Richardson
  5   Gumby & Pokey                 Rick Geary, Dave Ryan
  6   Dreadlocks                    Andre L. Batts
  7   Nira-X                        Bill Maus
  8   Witch Hunter                  Normand, Scott
  9   El Gato Negro                 Richard Dominguez
 10   10th Muse                     Gregg Paulsen, Kamui Oscuro
 11   Lazerman                      Chris Hebert
 12   Drunken Monkey                Rich Stahnke
 13   Halloween Man                 Terry Parr
 14   Zen                           Dan Cote
 15   Fist of Justice               Yildiray Cinar, Chad Hardin
 16   The Sire                      Talent Caldwell, Daniel Leister
 17   Shaloman                      Al Wiesner
 18   Captain Africa                Dwayne Ferguson
 19   Captain Zap                   Oliver Simonsen
 20   The Celtic Clan               Dave Ryabn, Wiktor Wojtyczka
 21   The Chronicles of Sara        James Rodriguez
 22   Too Much Coffee Man           Shannon Wheeler
 23   The Wraith                    Jeff Welborn
 24   The X-Heroes                  Colin Panetta
 25   Mazscara                      GT Becks
 26   Demon Gun                     Barry Orkin
 27   Jetta                         Martheus Wade
 28   Quik                          Jim Hanna
 29   Ninja Witch                   Clarence Pruitt, Kenn Minter
 30   Toy Boy                       Tim Seeley, Jethro Morales
 31   Stray                         Eduardo Torres
 32   Bounty Hunter                 Ed Dennis, Tim Dumas
 33   MoonShadow                    Brian Germain
 34   Team Kaiju                    Wilson Ramos Jr.
 35   Bright Eyes                   Peter Palmiotti
 36   Axiom-man                     Justin Shauf, Kyle Zajac
 37   Critter                       Todd Nauck
 38   Sunburst                      Fay Kong, Brian Kong
 39   Ogun                          Jiba Molei Anderson
 40   Templar                       Lucinao Vecchio
 41   The Mighty Bedbug             Scott Rogers
 42   Aym Geronimo                  Todd Fox
 43   Byron Cloud                   Brian Roll
 44   Wülf Girlz                    Robert J. Sodaro
 45   TigerWraith                   Rob De La Torre
 46   Yellow Jacket                 Scott McCullar
 47   Rook                          Cedric Nocon, Frank Cuonzo
 48   Megaton Man                   Don Simpson
 49   Fishnet Angel                 Sarah White
 50   Checklist Card

 --   Certificate of Authenticity   (paper)
 --   (collector's box)             (gold foil plastic container)

Chase Cards

1A    Phazer                        Tom Grindberg, Mariano Niciexza
2A    Penance                       Dave Ryan, Peter Palmiotti
3A    Shocker Toys                  Chase Cards

Creator Autographed Card

 --   (one of above)

Sketch Card

 --   Scott Rogers; others

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©2011 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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