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Warner Brothers / DC Comics
   Wonder Bread - 1975

Note: Yet another collaboration set of cards inserted in bread packages. These 
feature mazes, and show a W B 1975 copyright.


     Barnyard Booby Trap!
     Catch the Roadrunner!
     Destruction Derby
     Find the Batcave
     Find the Diamond Mind!
     Fogged In
     Help! Robbers Have Stolen My Lasso!
     House of Mirrors
     I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat!
     Lost in the Haunted House
     Lost in the Jungle
     Lucky Nugget!
     Mexican Derby
     Rampaging Robots
     Skating Race!
     Ski Race
     The Bat Computer Is Out of Control!!
     To the Rescue!
     Treasure Hunt
     Where's Bugs?

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