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War News Pictures
   Gum Inc. - 1939

Notes: Cards are 2-1/2" x 3" and predated the United States' entry into WWII. 
Cards 1-48 feature black-and-white photos on fronts, while higher numbers have 
color artwork. Backs show descriptive text. American Card Catalog reference is 
R165. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.    Title

   1   British Anti-tank Rifle
   2   Polish Cavalry
   3   French Reservists Called to Colors
   4   British Secret Anti-Aircraft Gun
   5   German Air Student
   6   Gdynia Bombarded
   7   Polish "Big Bertha"
   8   New British Motor Torpedo Boat
   9   Inside the Siegfried Line
  10   British Transport Plane
  11   British Tank Crew
  12   Polish Troops on the March
  13   Lowering a Depth Charge
  14   England's General Ironsides
  15   Decontamination Squad, England
  16   Back Door of the Siegfried Line
  17   Searchlights in London
  18   French Motorcycle Unit
  19   German Torpedo Boat
  20   Guns on German Cruiser in Action
  21   Exploding Depth Charge
  22   Preview of London Evacuation
  23   Polish War Tanks
  24   Siegfried Line's Bristling Face
  25   Living Quarters of the Siegfried Line
  26   President Moscicki of Poland
  27   Signing Soviet-German Pact
  28   Poles Attack German Radio Station
  29   Poland's Smigly-Rydz
  30   British Bombers Rain Leaflets on Reich
  31   Hitler Congratulates Von Ribbentrop
  32   Avro Anson Bomber Over Ramsgate
  33   King George IV and Neville Chamberlain
  34   Danzig Harbor
  35   German Submarine Base at Kiel
  36   War Map
  37   Controlling London's Defense Machinery
  38   Polish Bombing Planes
  39   France's General Gamelin
  40   Aerial View of Warsaw
  41   Admiral Raeder
  42   The Seige of Wesferplatte
  43   The Maginot Line
  44   Polish Massed Military Might
  45   General Viscount Gorf
  46   Franco's Daladier
  47   Germany's Von Brauchitsch
  48   Sinking of the "Athenia"
  49   French Battleship "Dunkerque"
  50   German Submarine
  51   British Fifteen-ton "Hornet" at Sea
  52   Guns of the Maginot Line in Action
  53   British Balloon Barrage
  54   German-manned Avia Fighters
  55   British Mayo Composite Plane
  56   German Junkers Bomber
  57   French Tank in Action
  58   British Armed Cars
  59   "Air Infantry"
  60   Flame-Throwers
  61   German "Schnellboote"
  62   British Battleship "Rodney"
  63   British Destoyer "Straddling" Torpedoes
  64   Australian "Wirraway"
  65   French Torpedo Planes as Air Escort
  66   Germany's Heligoland
  67   The Mareth Line of France
  68   British Portable Air Raid Shelter
  69   Gas Raid Rescue Squad
  70   Flame-Throwing Tanks
  71   French 75 mm. Howitzer
  72   Martin-Barlow Aerial Bomb
  73   British Flying Boats Rescue Crew of Steamer
  74   British Bomb German Ships at Wilhelmshaven
  75   Air Raid Sirens Send Parisians to Cellars
  76   Destroyer Sinks Strangely Disguised U-Boat
  77   Nazi Machine Gunners Slay Polish Cavalry
  78   British Troops Are Welcomed in France
  79   Polish "Franctireur" Fires Into Germans
  80   French Use Pigs to Touch Off Mines
  81   Plane Bombs U-Boat After Freighter Is Sunk
  82   Aircraft Carrier "Courageous" Torpedoed
  83   Russia's Red Army Moves Into Poland
  84   Warsaw's Last Stand
  85   Nazis Use Parachute-Jumpers as Spies
  86   French Flyers Raid Nazi Airplane Plants
  87   Poles Capture Tanks with Flaming Hand Grenades
  88   Polish Soldiers and Refugees Leave Warsaw
  89   Sub Crew Saved after Ocean-Bed Vigil
  90   Hela Peninsula Finally Surrenders
  91   U-Boat Lands Shipwrecked Crew in Ireland
  92   Largest Submarine Captures Nazi Merchant Ship
  93   British Flyers Down Nazis in Dog Fight at Sea
  94   British Destroyer Fights Off Nazi Planes
  95   Nazi U-Boat Torpedoes Royal Oak" at Anchor
  96   Nazi Bombers Raid Scotland
  97   Terror in the Carpathians
  98   German Cannonade Rocks Neutral Country
  99   Ghost Plane Lands "with the Goods"
 100   French "Suicide" Squads Hold Outposts
 101   Russians Dump Propaganda in Poland
 102   War on Land Is Bogged Down by Rain
 103   British Freighter Fights Submarine
 104   Nazi Bombers Attack Merchant Convoy
 105   "City of Flint" is Seized by Nazi Raider
 106   Sub Taxis Steamer's Crew to Rescue-Ship
 107   Peasants Quit Dynamited Bridge Area
 108   Warsaw's Sorrow
 109   "Independence Hall" Rescues Submarine Victims
 110   Undersea Horrors
 111   Freighter Disables U-Boat for Warship to Capture
 112   Downed Nazi Flyers Use Rubber Boat to Escape
 113   Nazi Robot Pamphleteer
 114   Cruiser Lands Captured Germans in Scotland
 115   British Divers Take Dead Nazis from U-Boat
 116   Mortars Scatter Nazis Digging Earthworks
 117   Nazi U-Boat Sinks English Fishermen
 118   Germans Attack French Frontier Village
 119   "City of Flint" Sails Under Norwegian Escort
 120   France Mobilized Pigeons at Front
 121   Nazis Use Pocket Subs
 122   U-Boat Shells Mercy Ship
 123   Swimmer Captures Mine
 124   French Win Big Air Fight
 125   Nazi River Patrol Is Hit
 126   Dutch Flood Defense Line
 127   Torpedo Cuts Ship in Two
 128   Bomb Rocks Hitler Hall
 129   Mine Blasts Indian Liner
 130   Scheer Sinks Tanker
 131   Nazi Flies to London
 132   S. S. Pilsudski Sunk
 133   Reds Attack Finns by Air
 134   British Defeat Graf Spee
 135   Finns Lick Reds at River
 136   Graf Spee Goes to Doom
 137   Crew Scuttles Columbus
 138   Reds Make Costly Gains
 139   Reds Shot Crossing Ice
 140   Skiers Prey on Russians
 141   Division Trapped on Ice
 142   Russians Freeze at Posts
 143   Turku Castle Is Bombed
 144   Ski Patrol Derails Train

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