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Warplanes, Series 1
   St. Lawrence Starch Co. Ltd. (Bee Hive) - 1941

These unnumbered cards were available in sets through a mail-order offer with 
starch products in Canada. Black-and-white photos (4-7/16" x 6-11/16") are 
pasted as a "flap" centered on red matte backing paper (5-1/3" x 7-2/3"), with 
titles and descriptive text printed on the reverse side of the photos. American 
Card Catalog reference is V156-1. Many thanks to John A. Shupek for the list! 
Further information and scans are posted at the Skytamer website.


    Bolton Paul "Defiant" (sic: Boulton)
    Hawker "Hurricane"
    Vickers-Armstrong Supermarine "Spitfire"
    Bell "Airacobra"
    Lockheed "Hudson"
    Bristol "Blenheim"
    Vickers-Armstrong "Wellington"
    Blackburn "Skua"
    Fairey "Swordfish" (with Wheels or Floats)
    Boeing 4 Engine "Flying Fortress" B.17C. (sic: B-17C)
    Short "Sunderland"

    (shipping envelope)

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