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Warplanes, Series 2
   St. Lawrence Starch Co. Ltd. (Bee Hive) - 1941

These unnumbered cards were available in sets through a mail-order offer with 
starch products in Canada. Card titles and descriptive text are printed on orange 
matte backing paper (5-1/3" x 7-2/3"), with the black-and-white photo (4-7/16" 
x 6-11/16") centered and pasted on top as a "flap" covering the descriptive text. 
American Card Catalog reference is V156-2. Many thanks to John A. Shupek 
for the list! Further information and scans are posted at the Skytamer website.


     Vickers-Armstrong Supermarine "Spitfire"
     Hawker "Hurricane"
     Boulton Paul "Defiant"
     Bell "Airacobra"
     Lockheed "Hudson"
     Bristol "Blenheim"
     Vickers-Armstrong "Wellington"
     Blackburn "Skua"
     Fairey "Swordfish" (with Wheels or Floats)
     Boeing 4 Engine "Flying Fortress B.17C. (sic: B-17C)
     "Short Sunderland"
     Curtiss SBC-4 "Helldiver"
     Armstrong Whitworth "Whitley"
     Boeing Super "Flying Fortress"
     Lockheed P-38 "Lightning"
     Martin "Maryland"
     Consolidated B-24 "Liberator"
     Consolidated Model - 29 4 Engine Patrol Bomber
     Consolidated Model 28PBY "Catalina" (sic: 28 PBY)
     Curtiss P-40 "Tomahawk"
     Grumman "Sky-Rocket" (sic: "Skyrocket")
     Martin B-26 "Flying Torpedo"
     "Harvard" Advanced Trainer No. 2
     "Hurricane" Testing Its Guns
     Handley Page "Hampden"
     Bristol "Bombay"
     Bristol "Beaufort"
     Bristol "Beaufighter" (sic: Bristol "Beaufort")
     Republic 2 P.A. "Guardsman"
     Vought-Sikorsky XF4U1 (sic: XF4U-1)
     Republic P-47 "Thunderbolt"
     North American N.A. 73 "Mustang"
     Martin 187 "Baltimore"
     Fairey "Albacore"
     Vultee "Vanguard"
     Douglas "Havoc"
     Douglas A20A "Boston" 3 (sic: A-20A)
     Douglas D.B.-18 "Digby"
     Grumman "Martlet"
     Vought-Sikorsky XOS2U-1
     Short "Stirling"
     Handley Page "Halifax"
     Saunders Roe "Lerwick"
     Vickers Supermarine "Stranraer"
     Gloster "Gladiator"
     Brewster "Buffalo"
     Vultee "Vengeance"
     Blackburn "Botha"
     Avro "Manchester"
     Westland "Whirlwind"
     Supermarine "Spitfire"
     Bristol "Beaufighter"
     New Hawker "Hurricane"
     Gloster "Gladiator" (sic: Gloster F5/34 Prototype)
     De Havilland "Mosquito"
     Avro "Lancaster"

    (shipping envelope)

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