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The Warriors
   Topps - 2014

Notes: These 5" x 7" cards were sold in a special set to honor the motion 
picture of the same name. Further information and scans are posted at the 
Topps website.

 No.    Title

 --     The Warrors (title/cover card)

WI-1    On the Run
WI-2    Ready to Rumble
WI-3    One Step Ahead
WI-4    Looking Out for Trouble
WI-5    Ajax: Vested Interest
WI-6    Lonesome Leader
WI-7    Wounded Warrior
WI-8    Show Chills
WI-9    Cochise in Battle Garb
WI-10   Outlaw Couple
WI-11   Next Stop: Danger
WI-12   Coney Island Bound
WI-13   Strength in Numbers
WI-14   Home Turf
WI-15   Smoldering Ajax
WI-16   The Furies

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