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War Scenes
   M.P. & Co. - 1940s

Notes: These 2-1/4" x 2-5/8" cards were originally distributed in strips, with 
color illustrations and descriptive text. Two varieties were made: Type 1 includes 
manufacture information. Type 2 does not, and backs are printed in either black 
or purple ink. American Card Catalog reference is R168. Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

 No.   Title

 101   Martin Medium Bomber B-26
 102   Curtiss Dive Bomber SB2C-1
 103   Consolidated Heavy Bomber B-24
 104   Douglas Light Bomber A-20A
 105   Boeing Flying Fortess B-17
 106   Republic P-43
 107   Grumman Fighter F4F-3
 108   Consolidated Patrol Bomber PB2Y-2
 109   Russian Heavy Tanks in Action
 110   R-A-F over France
 111   Bombing an Italian Carrier
 112   Battle in Libya
 113   Ship-Building in U. S. A.
 114   Battery at Corregidor
 115   42 St. and Broadway in Alaska
 116   Gen. MacArthur in Australia
 117   Russian Cavalry
 118   U. S. Infantry in Iceland
 119   Churchill Decorating Commandos
 120   U. S. Field Artillery in Bataan
 121   German Bomber Downed
 122   U-Boat Sunk by Plane
 123   Before the Firing Squad
 124   Czech Riots
 125   Destroyers Attacking at Midway Island
 126   U.S.S. North Carolina Attacking
 127   U. S. Submarines in Coral Sea
 128   Heavy Cruiser and Torpedo Boat
 129   New Type Destroyers on Patrol
 130   U.S.S. Saratoga and Bombers
 131   U.S. Tank Force Supported by Infantry
 132   Admiral Ernest J. King, U.S.N.
 133   Task Force Attacking at Talugi Harbor
 134   Seaplane Catapulted from Cruiser
 135   Naval Base at Pearl Harbor 1942
 136   Ship Communication at Sea
 137   U. S. Mosquito Boat in Australia
 138   Plane Check Up Before Take Off
 139   Trolley Carting Bombs to Planes
 140   Brig. Gen. James A. Doolittle U. S. A.
 141   American Tanks in China
 142   U.S. "Tiger" Squadron in Action
 143   Torpedo and Dive Bombers at Midway
 144   Tank Carrying Planes of the Near Future
 145   Airacobra on Alert in Ireland
 146   Airborne Troops in Action
 147   Sinking Jap Carrier at Midway
 148   Admiral Nimitz, U.S.N. Pacific Chief

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