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Washington D.C.'s Big Budget Circus
Tundra - 1992

Note:  Originally distributed as a boxed factory set.  Writing is by Peggy
Gordon, illustrations by Bill Sienkiewicz. Thanks much to Jan Burns
Cederquist for providing the checklist!

No.   Card Front               Card Back

  1   Price of Admission       Your Paycheck
  2   Jugglers                 Congress
  3   Bottomless Pit           Retirement Benefits
  4   Stop That Plane          Flying High
  5   Perking Up               Rubbergate
  6   Odds and Ends            Did You Know?
  7   Clowns                   Laugh Till You Cry
  8   Comedians                Judiciary Committee
  9   Lie Detector, Anyone?    Thomas/Hill
 10   And Justice for Some     Wily Willy Smith
 11   Hear No Evil             Robert Gates
 12   Where is Noriega?        Yo, Manuel!
 13   Magicians                Handlers
 14   The Great and Powerful...Wizard of Ailes
 15   For his Next Trick...    James Carville
 16   Cheap Thrills            Justice Lawyers
 17   Where's the War?         Military Might
 18   The Horton Gang          Outlaw Ad Men
 19   Acrobats                 The Candidates
 20   Right Turn               Duke & Buchanan
 21   Down South               Wilder & Clinton
 22   Middle America           Kerrey & Harkin
 23   Bi-Coastal               Tsongas & Brown
 24   The Incumbents           Bush & Quayle
 25   High Wire Acts           Walking a Tightrope
 26   Thriftless               BCCI/S&L Bandits
 27   Smoke & Mirrors          Secret Drug War
 28   Bedfellows               Abu Nidal & Pals
 29   Not So Wetland           The New Sununu
 30   October Surprise         Daniel Casolaro
 31   Luby's Lunchtime         Gun Lobby
 32   Circus Sideshows         Fantasy Projections
 33   They're Back             Gorby & Nunu!
 34   Telegenic?               The New Duke
 35   New World Order          Map It Out
 36   Paperback Trail          That's All, Folks

---   (Credits Card, included with boxed set)


Uncut sheet (sold separately)

 --   (signed and numbered)

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