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John Wayne
   Breygent Marketing - 2005

Notes: This set of premium cards features photography by David Sutton and text 
by Tim Lilley. Thanks much to Richard Dufresne and Deena Acton for updates! 
Further information and scans are shown on an archived page from the 

Box: 40 packs of 6 cards. 12 boxes/case, 3000 boxes total.
Common sets (72): approx. 3.29 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Title

     1    Iowa Born
     2    A Celebrated American
     3    Frontier Life
     4    Duke
     5    A Good Student
     6    A Trojan
     7    First Appearance
     8    From the Mud
     9    Prop Man to Star
    10    John Wayne
    11    An Education Begins
    12    Poverty Row Cowboy
    13    Horseman
    14    Screen Fighter
    15    B-Western Star
    16    A Versatile Actor
    17    A Mesquiteer
    18    On Ford's Stage
    19    Sidearms
    20    Duke's Firearm
    21    Sailor at Heart
    22    Stardom Established
    23    Oscar Nominee
    24    Cavalry Blue
    25    Producer Wayne
    26    Duke's Marriages
    27    A Soft Touch
    28    A Green Beret
    29    Action Star
    30    Hard Work
    31    Duke's Den
    32    Saddle Fall
    33    A True Patriot
    34    Crashing Climax
    35    Family in Film
    36    A Dedicated Actor
    37    Practical Professional
    38    Oscar Gold
    39    Director Howard Hanks
    40    Proud Papa
    41    Family Affair
    42    Taken by Surprise
    43    Public Appearances
    44    26 Bar Ranch
    45    Still Slugging
    46    Patriotic Tribute
    47    Movie Making Institution
    48    Granite Duke
    49    Urban Lawman
    50    An Updated Western
    51    Friendly Fire
    52    Horse Sense
    53    Rooster Reprised
    54    Close to Home
    55    Real Life Battle
    56    A Father and Hero
    57    Public Farewell
    58    John Wayne: American
    59    A Nation Mourns
    60    The Sutton Photos
    61    Sense of Loss
    62    To Tomorrow
    63    Unchanging
    64    Sense of Timing
    65    Dependable Hero
    66    A Total Pro
    67    Part of Everything
    68    Measure of Respect
    69    Relaxed and Generous
    70    True Professional
    71    About the Writer
    72    JW (checklist)


Hero's Hats Die-Cut Cards (1:40 packs)

   HH1    A Shining Star
   HH2    Historical Ties
   HH3    American Mythology
   HH4    Favorite Hat
   HH5    Cameo Roles
   HH6    Duke's Duds
   HH7    Death Scene Humor
   HH8    Words of Wisdom
   HH9    Commercial Venture

Leading Roles Holofoil Cards (1:40 packs)

 LR-1     Remember the Alamo
 LR-2     True Grit
 LR-3     The Green Berets
 LR-4     Cisum
 LR-5     Big Jake
 LR-6     Rio Lobo
 LR-7     The Cowboys
 LR-8     The Train Robbers
 LR-9     Cahill, United States Marshal
 LR-10    McQ
 LR-11    Rooster Cogburn
 LR-12    The Shootist

Sketch Art Cards (1:80 packs)

    --    Cynthia Cummens (various designs)
    --    Chris Henderson (various designs)

Costume Cards (1:80 packs)

    C1    Vest shape: vest material (facing left)
            -- tan vest
            -- black vest
    C2    Vest shape: vest material (facing right)
            -- tan vest
            -- black vest
    C3    Shirt shape: shirt material
    C4    D: shirt material
    C5    J: sweater material
    C6    W: sweater material

Favorite Hobbies (1:160 packs)

  FH-1    The Goose
  FH-2    The Collector
  FH-3    The Chess Player
  FH-4    The Card Player

Card Album (sold separately)

    --    (binder)
    --    Chris Henderson (Repro Art Sketch Card set)
  P-4     A Flair for Comedy (promo card; some binders)

Multi-Case Incentive Cards

    --    Chris Henderson (Sketch Art Card, red; 2 cases)
    --    Chris Henderson (Sketch Art Card, eyepatch; 6 cases)

Limited Edition Wood Collector's Box Distribution (# to 1500; 12 boxes per case)

    --    John Wayne Collector Cards (wooden box)
    --    (10 card packs)
    --    (2 chase cards, or costume or sketch card)
    --    Art Card (3" x 5" box-topper, art by Robert Tanenbaum)

   JWT1   Courage and Conviction (box-topper, orange background)
   JWT2   Image of Heroism (box-topper, green background)
   JWT3   Western Star (box-topper, gold background)

Printing Plates (sold separately)

    --    (one each of 4 colors, base cards)


Promo-1   The Duke (white hat with rim)
Promo-2   The Duke (on horse)
Promo-3   The Duke (roping)
  P-4     A Flair for Comedy (gray suit, looking to sky; some binders)
  P-4     A Flair for Comedy (gray suit, looking to sky; canvas)
    --    The Duke (white hat, looking R; San Diego Comic Con)
    --    The Duke (crossed sabers hat; Non-Sport Update)
    --    (2-card uncut repro sketch panels, 2-1/2" x 7-1/4"; 8 versions)
    --    (3-card uncut repro sketch panels, 2-1/2" x 11", 2 versions)
    --    (dealer sell sheet)
    --    (dealer sell sheet for Wood Box)

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