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WCW/nWo Nitro
Topps - 1999

Notes:  Some of the regular cards were inserted in packages for various WCW video
releases.  Many thanks to Tony Vela for the updates!

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.95 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 4 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approximately 1.33 per box.
Sticker sets: approximately 2.0 per box.

No.   Title                                 Subset

  1   Checklist [Title Card]                WCW
  2   Bret Hart                             WCW
  3   Diamond Dallas Page                   WCW
  4   Goldberg                              WCW
  5   Rick Steiner                          WCW
  6   Booker T.                             WCW
  7   Chris Jericho                         WCW
  8   Saturn                                WCW
  9   Bam Bam Bigelow                       WCW
 10   Chavo Guerrero, Jr.                   WCW
 11   Disco Inferno                         WCW
 12   Wrath                                 WCW
 13   Rey Misterio, Jr.                     WCW
 14   Meng                                  WCW
 15   Super Calo                            WCW
 16   Glacier                               WCW
 17   Silver King                           WCW
 18   Kaos                                  WCW
 19   Lenny Lane                            WCW
 20   Norman Smiley                         WCW
 21   Kidman                                WCW
 22   Alex Wright                           WCW
 23   Kanyon                                WCW
 24   Raven                                 WCW
 25   Lodi                                  WCW
 26   Ernest Miller                         WCW
 27   The Disciple                          WCW
 28   Bobby Duncum, Jr                      WCW
 29   Barry Windham                         WCW
 30   Konnan                                WCW
 31   Buff Bagwell                          nWo
 32   Eric Bischoff                         nWo
 33   Hollywood Hogan                       nWo
 34   Scott Hall                            nWo
 35   Horace Hogan                          nWo
 36   Scott Steiner                         nWo
 37   Steve Ray                             nWo
 38   Brian Adams                           nWo
 39   Vincent                               nWo
 40   Curt Henning                          nWo
 41   Randy Savage "Macho Man"              nWo
 42   Sting                                 nWo
 43   Kevin Nash                            nWo
 44   Lex Luger                             nWo
 45   Ric Flair                             Four Horsemen
 46   Arn Anderson                          Four Horsemen
 47   Dean Malenko                          Four Horsemen
 48   Chris Benoit                          Four Horsemen
 49   Steve McMichael                       Four Horsemen
 50   Juventud Guerrera                     LWo
 51   Eddy Guerrero                         LWo
 52   Psychosis                             LWo
 53   La Parka                              LWo
 54   Damian                                LWo
 55   Hector Garza                          LWo
 56   Miss Elizabeth                        Women
 57   Kimberly                              Women
 58   Spice                                 Women
 59   A.C. Jazz                             Women
 60   Tygress                               Women
 61   Whisper                               Women
 62   Chae                                  Women
 63   Fyre                                  Women
 64   Storm                                 Women
 65   Goldberg Triumphant                   Stars
 66   The Venomous bite of Sting            Stars
 67   Hogan for President                   Stars
 68   Big Sexy ... Kevin is God!            Stars
 69   Feel the Bang ... DDP is back again!  Stars
 70   Larry Zbyszko and Bobby Heenan        Stars
 71   Doug Dellinger                        Personalities
 72   Sonny Onoo                            Personalities

Stickers (1:1 Retail packs)

S1    Sting/Luger v. Hogan/Nash (Sold Out)
S2    Hogan v. Sting (Superbrawl IX)
S3    Hogan v. Savage (Uncensored)
S4    Savage v. Sting (Spring Stampede)
S5    Nash v. Giant (Slamboree)
S6    Hogan/Hart v. Savage/Piper (The Great American Bash)
S7    DDP v. Hogan (Bash at the Beach)
S8    DDP v. Hogan (Road Wild)
S9    WCW v. The Pac v. Hollywood (Fall Brawl: War Games)
S10   Goldberg v. DDP (Halloween Havoc)
S11   60-Man, 3-Ring Battle Royal (World War 3)
S12   Nash v. Goldberg (Starrcade)


Chromium Cards (1:12 Hobby packs)

C1    Sting/Luger v. Hogan/Nash (Sold Out)
C2    Hogan v. Sting (Superbrawl IX)
C3    Hogan v. Savage (Uncensored)
C4    Savage v. Sting (Spring Stampede)
C5    Nash v. Giant (Slamboree)
C6    Hogan/Hart v. Savage/Piper (The Great American Bash)
C7    DDP v. Hogan (Bash at the Beach)
C8    DDP v. Hogan (Road Wild)
C9    WCW v. The Pac v. Hollywood (Fall Brawl: War Games)
C10   Goldberg v. DDP (Halloween Havoc)
C11   60-Man, 3-Ring Battle Royal (World War 3)
C12   Nash v. Goldberg (Starrcade)

Autographs (1:48 packs)
  Autographed cards for Rey Mysterio, Jr and Bobby Duncum, Jr were planned
  for this series but were not available for distribution with the series. Some
  may be found in the aftermarket.

 --   A.C. Jazz
 --   Brian Adams
 --   Bam Bam Bigelow
 --   Chae
 --   Cyclope
 --   Damian
 --   El Dandy
 --   Elizabeth [rare]
 --   Hector Garza
 --   Glacier
 --   Bill Goldberg [rare]
 --   Chavo Guerrero
 --   Scott Hall
 --   Bret Hart [rare]
 --   Curt Hennig
 --   Kenny Kaos
 --   Kimberly
 --   Lenny Lane
 --   La Parka
 --   Hugh Morrus
 --   Jim Neidhart
 --   Scott Norton
 --   Sonny Onoo [signed on back, most common; signed on front, rare]
 --   Nick Patrick
 --   David Penzer
 --   Prince Iaukea
 --   Charles Robinson
 --   Randy Macho Man Savage [rare]
 --   Silver King
 --   Billy Silverman
 --   Norman Smiley
 --   Rick Steiner [rare]
 --   Sting [rare]
 --   Storm
 --   Super Calo
 --   Ultimo Dragon
 --   Larry Zbyszko [rare]


 B1   Kevin Nash with Nitro Girls (chromium, dealer incentive for case purchase)
 H1   Goldberg
 H2   Kevin Nash
 H3   Goldberg (same front as H1 but different back)
 R1   Goldberg (retail chain exclusive)
 --   (dealer sell sheet)

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