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Weaponeers of Monkaa Promo Card Set
   Spy Monkey Creations / Robots Toys - 2011-2012

Notes: Cards were available at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con and potentially other shows, 
and promote action figures related to the web-based graphic novel. Statistics below represent 
Wisdon, Strength, Agility, Armor, and Forge Power.

    Title             Role                                     Statistics

    Brutok            Ruthless General of the Vilhain Hordes   6-8-5-8-6
    Empyreus          Heroic Leader of the Gearo               6-6-7-7-8
    Palidar           Fearless Commander of the Gearo Forces   7-7-6-7-6
    Umbreus           Evil Overlord of the Vilhain             7-5-6-6-8
    Crystal Gohlem    Elemental Warriors                       5-5-7-6-6
    Magma Gohlem      Elemental Warriors                       4-6-6-7-7

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